Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Service Pack 1 dla SharePoint Server 2007 i Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Service Pack 1 dla SharePoint Server 2007 i Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

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Przed końcem roku 2007 pojawi się SP1 dla Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 i Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Czego możemy się spodziewać? Proszę przeczytać poniżej...


Service Pack 1 dla MOSS 2007 i WSS 3.0 wniesie:

·         Wsparcie instalacji i pracy MOSS 2007 z SP1 i WSS 3.0 z SP 1 na Windows Server 2008. Ze stron Microsoft będzie można pobrać odpowiednio przygotowane pliki instalacyjne MOSS 2007 i WSS 3.0 zawierające w sobie SP1

·         Wsparcie technologii AJAX. Możliwe będzie używanie Microsoft AJAX 1.0 Control toolkit dla Microsoft ASP.NET, AJAX 1.0 Extensions dla ASP.NET

·         Remote Blob Storage API w WSS 3.0 (937901). Pozwoli ISVs budować providery do składowania plików na zewnątrz SQL Server. Odpowiednie API zostanie dodane do SDK

·         SP 1 będzie zawierać w sobie 60 hotfix’ów (MOSS i WSS)

·         Nowe komendy STSAdm:

o   Mergecontentdbs – For consolidating or repartitioning site collections across content databases (939035)

o   Rename site – renaming host named site collections (939535)

·         People Picker ability to scope to an OU (806244)



Najważniejsze hotfixy zawarte w SP1

       Hotfix 926284: List view web part not retained saving template

       Hotfix 938888: Edit document fails/IE Crash side by side Office

       Hotfix 938663: Timer jobs delayed one hour because of DST

       Hotfix 936867: Inherit permissions causes destructive error (lose permissions to site)

       Hotfix 930807: Cannot open WSS alerts in Outlook cached mode

       Hotfix 932816: Workflow not continue after Pause For Duration

       Hotfix 936867: Export fails with FatalError User cannot be found

       Hotfix 934790: peoplepicker-searchadcustomquery filter broken

       Hotfix 926284: List view web part not retained saving template

       Hotfix 938888: Edit document fails/IE Crash side by side Office

       Hotfix 932091: Hotfix packages break customer deployments primarily

       Hotfix 936867: Inherit perms causes destructive error

       Daylight savings time update

       Fixes to support Indexing Public Folders based on Exchange 2007

       Fixed Crawling IBM Notes Indexing ID access issues

       Fix to Alerts logic to address mails not being sent in specific scenarios

       Migration related fixes

       Important security cross site scripting vulnerability



Obszary ingerencji SP1

Content Managament

§  MOSS: Scrambled data in case of a COMMA in the username, "tp_title", CommaSeparatedAccounts, _layouts/PageSettings.aspx and peoplepicker

§  File cannot be move to the root of its document library

§  MOSS: "Check for Unpublished items" function shows DBCS word in vertical lines.

§  Access Denied when running spellcheck in a subweb without permission in parent

§   Variations: Create Hierarchies does not Dispose SPWeb resulting in memory leaking with large hierarchies

§  CMS12 - Variation fails with ASP.NET 2.0 webparts.

SharePoint Designer

§  Workflow generated on German MOSS 2007 site with German SharePoint Designer 2007 does not work as expected, falls always through to the fallback

§  WSS 3.0: DateTime field in a "WebPart" cannot be updated in any other languages except US-English and Canada-French

Project Server

§  PSVR2007 Long names in Timesheet view can cause for cumbersome navigating to input time

§  Deadlocks with UpdateTask PSI calls

§  European Extended characters are not correctly displayed by controls in PWA

§  “File not found” error when attempting to create a new issue, risk or deliverable in a project.

§  PRJSVR2007 - Received Unknown error when Import a Timesheet in PWA

§  PSVR2007 : Custom filter for Project Type, in Project Centre view, does not work

§  PWA2007: Project Center Team View does not show RBS code

§  PSVR2007 : Custom Field Default Value box in PWA does not display correctly with multi-level values with long descriptions.

§  PSVR2007 - Assigning two resources to a task with a custom field can cause an 'unexpected error' on My Task page

§  IE has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close - PJGRID12.ocx

§  PSVR2007 : Unable to view all potential owners in the Project Owner field in the Edit project properties page


§  Error message: "The query server index file location on Server_Name is not shared"

§  Dynamics: URL for search result detail wrong for special characters

§  Manage Search Service provides incorrect data for drive on query server

§  People returned twice on Intranet tab

§  Need a supported method to cleanup/remove orphaned entries in mssdocprops that result in people eing returned multiple times on Intranet tab

§  Advanced search is not working with the property 'created date' with site collection

§  needs the ability to exclude content during crawl that is behind a complex url

§  Queries on the live redmond SSP take over 3mins and occasionally timeout during index master merge

§  unable to add best bet with url including a plus sign '+'

§  Intermittent site collection usage reports timeout error

§  NTBACKUP always fails with TimeOut Error(0x80042319) on Moss Search Server

§  'Refine Your Search' returns incorrect URLs through a reverse proxy

§   [WSS Search & MOSS Search] stsadm and Web UI do not allow you to reset the service credentials when they become corrupt.

§  Search does not crawl attachment to discussion board

§  Incremental crawl will index http://.../07.020n subsites but full-crawl never

§  Inability to revert a property back to default type

§  Searching for terms with character ' in them cause search result error

§  stsadm -o editssp is unable to replace a down indexer with a new value

§  site admin selects add best bets gets access denied

§  Retrieving search results through code, FullTextSqlQuery statement and valid search results omitted when ordering by null or empty columns

§  Advanced search not returning results as expected

MOSS 2007

§  Owstimer memory leak

§  discussion items with a URL in the title and -includeusersecurity cause PRIME import to fail

§   (^) Using audience-based web parts on NTLM based site breaks anonymous access on Forms-Based Authorization site that is mapped to the NTLM site

§  MCMS 2002 to MOSS 2007 migration fails on x64 MOSS server due memory read error (access violation) on SID conversion

§   Availability web control on My Site Profile page off by 1 hour (DST)

§  Personal documents on MySite that was created with language other than the default language has the same permissions than Shared Documents

§  Manager field cannot be updated to null value which causes all users with no manager to be peers

§  New site not saved in the SiteList of sitedirectory

§  Customer needs ability to map datetime fields in BDC against managed property

§  'I Need to...' webpart fails if more than one are on the same page

§  RFH - Search doesn’t process membership for DLs in OUs with a comma in the name

§  SPSv2 --> MOSS: When a v2 portal is upgraded to v3, on subsites that were Topic areas, changing the masterpage doesn't take effect

§  The ampersand of the image URL displayed on the public page of the Personal Site will be decoded as &amp


§   WSSv3 - Error at 'Manage Permissions from Parent'

§  WSS v3 'Operation aborted' error on mouse hover

§  Versioning not applied correctly to documents

§  Resorting Content Type causes template type association to be messed up.

§  RFH: Content-type looses required field during save as template

§  Unable to cancel ItemDeleting event using Drag'n Drop in Explorer View

§  Deadlock failures on ListItem related operations (on multi-proc machines)

§  Import fails for pages with lookup columns

§  Workflow task to copy list item fails if infopath form has more than 15 boolean fields.

§  Group By does not always work correctly for Date/Time columns

§  "Cannot complete this action" error message when creating a list from an STP file when the "EnableAssignToEmail" was set to true in the original list.

§  Calendar items beyond 5th of the month are not displayed in Monthly view if selected date is 1st day of the month

§  Workflow file range condition fails to fire if initial value is 1

§  WSSV3 List Group By Date is Off by One Day

§  Title and alt tag in Webpart Menu Area HTML encoded twice

§  failed to set item based security on list 998th item  in a list which has multi value lookup column - incorrect SQL syntax

§  Anonymous user can't reply to discussion board


Jak wdrożyć SP1 w istniejącym środowisku?

Dla WSS 3.0:

Dla MOSS 2007:


Jak tylko pojawi się SP1 oficjalnie, poinformuje o tym na tym blogu.

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