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Starting next week, you’ll be able to read about the future of productivity on the Microsoft Office 365 blog. We have decided to merge the blogs and post our productivity conversations on the Office 365 blog. Why? Because Office 365 is the future of productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 takes the Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools that we all use every day and delivers them as a subscription service through the cloud. The productivity benefits of Office 365 have been well documented. Employees can work effectively using high-quality tools wherever they are. IT leaders can spend less time on administration and maintenance, freeing up time for more strategic initiatives. And businesses can lower their overall costs – all with the appropriate layers of security and compliance. What’s more, organizations have the option of moving all or part of their workloads to the cloud – there are no mandates from Microsoft.

As we merge this blog with the Office 365 blog, our goal is continue to help you improve efficiency and drive innovation. The Office 365 blog will deliver the tangible insights, vision, information, and action you need to achieve the highest level of productivity for your employees.

As you transition to the Office 365 blog, we hope you’ll also take advantage of these other resources aimed specifically at enterprise business:

And for the latest information about enterprise-focused solutions from Microsoft and its partners, please check out the Microsoft Enterprise web site:

See you on the Office 365 blog!

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