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Rethinking the Desktop, a CIO spearheads a mobile device strategy

Faced with an upgrade to Windows 7, CIO Rick Roy saw an opportunity to launch a mobile device strategy that would save his company money, give employees choice -- and make IT look good in the process. His first order of business was convincing an IT team hardwired for standardization that mobility required a new mind-set. In this SearchCIO.com podcast, Roy, who heads IT strategy at CUNA Mutual Group, describes his meticulous, data-driven approach to crafting a mobile device strategy that will transform the insurance provider's desktop computing environment radically. One important lesson: While the requirements for a mobile device strategy need to be gathered bottom-up, he said, "you need to make those decisions pretty much top-of-the-house."

Enterprise Mobility's Next Phase: Contextual Services 

Forget the mobile operating system wars or the debate about which mobile devices should be the standard. The enterprise mobility discussion needs to shift to the topic of using mobile devices to improve business processes and create contextual services that harness Big Data. In this interview with SearchCIO.com, mobility expert Maribel Lopez, principal analyst and vice president at Constellation Research Inc. and founder of market research and strategy consulting firm Lopez Research LLC, delves into these subjects and into the benefits of merging enterprise mobility, cloud and social media strategies.

IM, SharePoint tools will edge out email, CIOs say

Robert Half Technology polled 1,400 CIOs and asked if they think real-time workplace communication tools -- such as instant messaging, SharePoint and Yammer -- will become more or less popular than email among employees. More than half bet on the newcomers. Specifically, 13% of CIOs said the real-time tools will be much more popular, and 41% said somewhat more popular, than traditional e-mail. On the other side of the fence, a minority of email holdouts said the real-time tools will be somewhat less popular (5%) or much less popular (2%) than traditional email. More than one-third (38%) straddled the fence, saying they expect the tools will be equally popular. (1% of respondents didn't know or didn't answer.)

Thoughts from Microsoft CIO Tony Scott

Tony Scott on Business Relationship Management for CIOs

How are successful CIOs managing key internal relationships and helping to align IT with their businesses? What are some prime success factors internal relationship managers need to monitor? Hear about the Business Relationship Management program Microsoft CIO Tony Scott has established based on his experience with these and related questions

Reaching Beyond the Enterprise and Helping to Make the World a Better Place

Why is it important for CIOs and other executives to get behind philanthropic initiatives? What are some of the charitable projects Microsoft is currently involved with, and how can other corporate executives and teams take part in bringing about important change in their communities and the world at large? Hear Microsoft CIO Tony Scott’s point of view on these important issues in this discussion with Microsoft Senior Director of Executive Accounts Sue Hadi.