Five links to help answer questions about Security in the Cloud


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This week we take a look at cloud security, with topics ranging from Microsoft’s approach to data security and how to avoid cloud paralysis from the view of Microsoft CIO, Tony Scott. We also take a look at whether companies trust the cloud and what they think it will take to succeed. 

The Microsoft Approach to Data Security [Video]

We can all identify the risks involved with cloud computing but is there hope for stretched users? What measures can be taken to improve security and, in particular, what approaches is Microsoft taking to make cloud users breathe more easily

Microsoft CIO Tony Scott: How to Avoid “Cloud Paralysis”

CIOs have heard about cloud computing and know the benefits, yet they remain uncertain on how and where to begin to bring their business into the cloud. As Microsoft CIO, my top priority is to transform our IT organization to meet the company’s ever-evolving business and technical needs.

I Trust the Cloud – Do You?

One of the more interesting questions will be whether or not cloud services from different companies work together. If not then consumers will need to entirely commit themself to one service over the other. I’d argue there needs to be some level of cross service compatibility, but where the line is drawn will have to wait to be seen.

Virtual Cloud Computing Rings in a New Security Era

CIOs and chief information security officers (CISOs) are under pressure to redesign their information security practices to accommodate a new business paradigm: virtual cloud computing environments, in which resources are shared and transferable.