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Gartner Says Over Half of Innovation will be Gamified by 2015

Today, the tech research firm released a report that says over half of companies that want to drive innovation will be gamified by 2015 — and that in three years, gamified services for consumer goods marketing/customer retention will become as important as Facebook, Amazon or eBay.


Federal CIO Vivek Kundra Plans to Shut Down 100 Data Centers by 2012, 800 by 2015

It’s no secret that US Federal Government Chief Information Officer (CIO) is big on cloud computing. He had already said that he wants to move 25% of the government’s annual technology spending of $80 billion to the cloud.


CIO Brings Innovation to Business Process Outsourcing 

Joel Levinson is CIO at Maximus Canada Inc., a business process outsourcing provider of government and public sector services. He spoke with Editorial Director Scot Petersen at the recent Gartner CIO Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz., about CIO innovation and leadership.


I'm Hooked on the Cloud

Ever since the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in October 2008, I've been hooked on Windows Azure. I could see immediately that Windows Azure provided a way for developers to build applications that scaled to "Internet scale." 


Microsoft's Virtualization Strategy: Q&A with David Greschler caught up with David Greschler, Microsoft's director of integrated virtualization strategy, to discuss Hyper-V and the company's overall virtualization strategy and plans. In part two of this interview, Greschler discusses Microsoft's vision of greater integration between server and desktop virtualization and cloud computing.