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A Rising Cloud: Turning Downtime into Gold

A Rising Cloud: Turning Downtime into Gold

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OK, I confess. I’m a gaming addict. I worked in Xbox for five years and have wasted hours of time playing games on my console. My kids love me for it. My wife, well…

More than 174 million American are gamers, and we are progressively heading towards an app centric world with a focus on the gamification of everything. Gaming is also interesting because with the rise of the cloud and penetration of smartphones, lots of new scenarios are coming to life. Take, for example, my latest favorite Windows Phone 7 game Fable: Coin Golf. I have been playing that game anywhere, anytime I can –  while I’m getting my haircut, at my kids swim practice, or – shhhh don’t tell anyone – while I’m sitting in traffic. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fable: Coin Golf, it allows you to earn gold that can be used within the Xbox console game Fable III. Playing this game on my phone has fueled my obsession with gaming. But that’s a good thing because … well, for one, it’s made me a more patient person. (Even my wife likes that part.)

So why am I telling you about my gaming addiction? This multi-screen integration scenario is very similar to what’s happening in large enterprises around the world. By migrating their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, IT leaders are dramatically increasing employee efficiency by giving them the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser. In the same way that Xbox Live has expanded my access to my favorite games, literally turning my downtime into gold – the cloud is making critical resources available to employees across the PC, phone and browser.  In short, it’s empowering IT leaders to transform the work paradigm, allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime. This transformation is happening quickly. Consider this: According to a recent survey, 90 percent of large enterprises are already using at least one cloud service. What’s more, that same 90 percent plans to expand their use of the cloud in the near future. Why? They are eager to tap into the profound innovation and cost savings that the cloud promises. As one Gartner analyst put it: “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting somebody that’s talking about cloud computing these days.”

So what exactly are the benefits? For starters, here are three:

1. Your employees can access organizational resources they need anywhere, anytime from any device with an Internet connection.

2. They can use the same applications they’re already familiar with – so there’s no need for training.

3. Organizations can reduce infrastructure costs by a whopping 10-50 percent by eliminating the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own servers. 

Is the cloud turning employee downtime into gold at your organization? Please send us your comments. Also, check out our video, “How Has the Cloud Changed Productivity?


  • There are a number of different points here which don't necessarily all overlap for me:

    Gamification is awesome when done well, for example Rypple.com. Virtual cash generation for a game whilst fun isn't generating value and being a gamer myself generates unhealthy addiction by the sounds of it.

    Access anytime, any place on multiple devices is of course great, as long as it doesn't kill employee downtime, I want to make sure collegues are fresh at work not frazzled because they are switched on 24x7. If it's used for a flexible way to work, awesome!

    Reduced infrastructure costs and reduced training overhead are great when cloud deliver these.

    So for me the cloud can deliver great business, user & financial benefits if executed well.

    My 2c.

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