Welcome to the Future of Productivity blog! As director of marketing for the Microsoft Office Division, I manage marketing strategy and development of the Microsoft Business Productivity Platform. Each year, I meet with hundreds of business leaders, many of whom face diverse challenges as they strive to improve business productivity. With this blog, we hope to open a dialogue about how to best address these challenges so we can help organizations take business productivity to the next level.



These are both exciting and challenging times in the world of business productivity. The cloud is gaining in prominence, and the workforce is becoming increasingly distributed and diverse, with three generations now occupying the workplace.  At the same time, business and personal activities are converging, raising questions as to how enterprises can make the best use of social networking and provide a top user experience from a wide range of devices. Each year, the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, and the opportunity exists to leverage powerful, new technologies to drive greater efficiency and productivity.


Especially when budgets are tight, business leaders who find creative ways to boost productivity while reducing the bottom line are the ones who succeed. Keeping your finger on the pulse of productivity – and helping to shape its future – are the critical first steps. This blog will offer you the chance to keep up with important business productivity trends as they unfold. It will also enable you to take a proactive role by sharing your thoughts, ideas, and comments on a regular basis.


Ultimately, we’re all in this together. We all seek a highly efficient business environment that maximizes the talent of our workforce and enables our organization to achieve its most strategic goals. We are only as good as our customers make us. Your participation is critical in helping us deliver the best productivity experience. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and to hearing your candid feedback every step of the way.