This is the first in a series we call the "Weekly Business Productivity Digest"  This is a collection of interesting articles, blog posts, etc from around the web related to Cloud, Technology, Leadership, CIOs and the Enterprise.  In addition to our own content, the goal is to showcase the variety of conversations occurring around the web in the area of business productivity.  If you have others we should consider for future Digests, just post in the comments section.


Interview: Paul Greenwood, CIO of Clifford Chance

"The technology transformation that Greenwood is leading is already well under way, with the CIO and his team currently focusing on areas that will be familiar to many in the IT profession. They include cloud migration, managing information centrally, employing better business intelligence and accommodating technology consumerisation within the workplace"


7 Skills that the CEO wants from the CIO
"Probably the most important relationship a CIO has is with the CEO. A good relationship between these two people means the business understands the potential benefits the IT team can deliver to the rest of the business and in turn, the IT strategy gets the buy-in from the visionary head of the company — hopefully the person who the other business-line heads will fall in behind."


Cloud-Based BI is a Game-Changer

"The use of BI in the cloud is a game-changer, but not in that it adds any new BI capabilities. Instead, through the use of the cloud computing, BI is finally affordable and available to those who need access to this information."


IT in 2011: We're Managing Information, Not Just Technology

"Business leaders are able to make technology decisions as IT services become increasingly easy to procure and as software as a service (SaaS) matures. End users are demanding unprecedented levels of choice, they’re bringing new devices into the corporation—with or without IT approval -- and they have expectations of responsive service."


The Evolving CIO: The Challenges of the 2nd Decade
"In the course of the two decades that the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) position has existed, the landscape for information management strategy and implementation has changed dramatically: globalization, the rise and dominance of the Internet, the ever-accelerating trend to put more and more processing power into smaller and smaller devices, have led to countless innovations and industries that have impacted our lives in ways very few predicted."