When it comes to building a private cloud, offering cloud services, or securely connecting to clouds, organizations want a consistent, integrated approach that helps them solve fundamental business and IT challenges. They also want to take advantage of new applications and services that can be deployed on-premises and in public cloud environments. With the next release of Windows Server codenamed "Windows Server 8"  you can cloud optimize your IT infrastructure and get the best possible solution to meet these unique needs.
Windows Server 8 brings the experience from building and operating public clouds to delivering the most dynamic, available, and cost-effective server platform for the private cloud. It offers businesses and hosting providers a scalable, dynamic, and multitenant-aware cloud infrastructure that securely connects across premises and allows IT to respond to business needs faster and more efficiently.


It takes you beyond virtualisation

Windows Server 8 offers a dynamic, multitenant infrastructure that goes beyond virtualisation technology to help deliver a complete platform for building a private cloud. Going beyond virtualisation lets you scale and secure workloads, cost effectively build the cloud, and securely connect to cloud services.  Windows Server 8 will help you provide:
  • A complete virtualisation platform that delivers a fully isolated, multitenant environment with tools that can guarantee service-level agreements, enable chargebacks through usage-based billing, and support self-service delivery.
  • Increased scalability and performance through a high-density, highly scalable environment that can be modified to perform at the optimum level based on your needs.
  • Connectivity to cloud services using a common identity and management framework for secure and reliable cross-premises connectivity.

It delivers the power of many servers, with the simplicity of one

Windows Server 8 offers you excellent economics by integrating a highly available and easy-to-manage multiserver platform. Windows Server 8 helps IT professionals cloud-enable their infrastructure while satisfying business needs faster and more efficiently by providing a highly available, easy-to-manage multiserver platform with the following benefits:
  • Continuous availability: New and improved features offer cost-effective, high IT service uptime. They are designed to endure failures without disrupting services to users.
  • Management efficiency: Windows Server 8 helps automate an even broader set of management tasks and simplifies deployment and virtualization of major workloads, which provides a path to full lights-out automation.
  • Cost efficiency: Windows Server 8 leverages commodity storage, networking, and server infrastructure, as well as offering increased power efficiency for superior acquisition and operating economics.

It opens the door to every app on any cloud

Windows Server 8 is the broadest, most scalable and elastic web and application platform, giving you the flexibility to build and deploy applications on-premises, in the cloud, and in a hybrid environment, using a consistent, open set of tools and frameworks. Windows Server 8 will help you deliver:
  • Flexibility to build on-premises and in the cloud: Developers can use the same languages and tools to build on-premises and cloud applications, allowing them to build applications that use distributed and temporally decoupled components.
  • An open web platform: Windows Server 8 combined with Internet Information Services (IIS) offers a solid platform for both open-source web stacks and ASP.NET, opening up a wide range of choices for application development.
  • A scalable and elastic web platform: Hosting providers can use new features in Windows Server 8 to increase density, simplify management, and achieve higher scalability in a shared web-hosting environment.

It enables the modern workstyle

Windows Server 8 empowers IT to provide users with flexible access to data and applications, anywhere on any device, while simplifying management and maintaining security, control, and compliance.  Windows Server 8 will help you offer:
  • Access anywhere on any device: Seamless, always-on access to virtualized work environments from anywhere, including branch locations and public connectivity services.
  • A full Windows experience anywhere: By enabling a personalised and rich user experience from any device while adapting to different network conditions quickly and responsively.
  • Enhanced data security and compliance: Central audit and access policies enable granular access to data and corporate resources based on strong identity, data classification, and simplified administration for remote access.