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You may have been approached to sign long-term license agreements for your virtualization projects. But with the arrival of cloud computing, signing up for a long-term virtualization commitment may lock you into a vendor that cannot provide you with the breadth of technology, flexibility or scale that you’ll need to build a complete cloud computing environment.

Microsoft believes cloud computing, which lets you store information and programs in datacentres and access them from almost anywhere with the same ease as accessing a website, represents the biggest opportunity in decades for organizations to be more agile and cost-effective. Information Technology is evolving into a service accessible from almost anywhere, anytime, and any device. Virtualization clearly played a role in enabling this move toward IT services by simplifying the deployment and management of desktops and datacentres, which is why we made virtualization part of Windows Server. However, virtualization represents only a stepping stone toward cloud computing.

Imagine never having to set up a server, update an operating system or build a database system. That is the promise of cloud computing: the ability to access core services quickly and roll out legacy software and new applications at Internet scale without having to deal with today’s deployment logistics, which exist even with a virtualized datacentre. In other words, if you liked the efficiencies and cost savings of virtualization, you’ll love the cloud.

At Microsoft, we already offer many of the brands you know, use and trust today as cloud computing services, including Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL. In addition, our cloud computing platform, called Windows Azure, lets organizations migrate legacy applications and roll out new programs written in .NET, Java, Ruby-on-Rails®, PHP and Eclipse across multiple datacentres so they are accessible at scale from almost anywhere.

If you’re evaluating a new licensing agreement with a virtualisation provider, talk to us first.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Not only does Microsoft offer its virtualization and management solutions at low cost and high value for customers, a recent Microsoft study of 150 large companies showed those running Microsoft virtualization spent 24% less on IT labour on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, as you build out the next generation of your IT environment, we can provide you with scalable worldwide public cloud computing services which other virtualisation providers do not offer.

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