Brief Getting Started Overview of Windows PowerShell (15 min.)


Architect Evangelist David Aiken provides an introductory demonstration of Windows PowerShell covering help resources, basic command usage, formatting, working with objects, navigation of management information and security features.


Lots of training here:


The ultimate PowerShell resource: Windows PowerShell Survival Guide

There is a full book section at the above wiki. The ones I recommend to get started are highlighted below. Read and use Bruse Payette’s book first to get a solid foundation then move to Ed Wilson’s book for best practices.



  • New! Automating
         Active Directory Administration with Windows PowerShell 2.0
  • New! Learn Windows Powershell in a Month of
  • New! Mastering Powershell (ebook)
  • Windows
         PowerShell 2.0 Administrators Pocket Consultant - By William R. Stanek
  • Windows PowerShell 2.0 - Best Practices By Ed Wilson
  • Windows PowerShell 2.0 - Step by Step By Ed Wilson
  • Windows PowerShell 2.0 - By Don Jones and Jeffrey
  • Windows PowerShell Cookbook - By Lee Holmes
  • Windows Powershell in Action 2nd edition
         - By Bruce Payette  
    • Holistic picture of PowerShell:
            not just the syntax and semantics, but the
      why of it all. Explanations of tradeoffs in features or syntax. In-depth
            looks at using PS for WMI and a few other broad categories of usage.
            Strong discussion of PS v2 features and changes. Strong discussion of
  • Windows PowerShell: In a Month of Lunches - By Don
  • Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference - By Lee Holmes
  • Windows PowerShell Unleashed - By Tyson Kopczynski
  • PowerShell for Microsoft SharePoint 2010
         Administrators - By Niklas Goude and Mattias Karlsson
  • Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows
         PowerShell - By Hal Rottenberg
  • Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell -
         By Jeffery Hicks
  • Essential PowerShell by Holger Schwichtenberg
  • Microsoft PowerShell, VBScript & JScript Bible -
         by William R. Stanek, James O'Neill, and Jeffrey Rosen
  • Windows 7 and Vista Guide to Scripting, Automation,
         and Command Line Tools - By Brian Knittel
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration with
         Windows PowerShell - By Ananthakumar Muthusamy and Yan Pan
  • Pro Windows PowerShell - By Hristo Deshev


Videos and Webcasts:

Scripting with Windows PowerShell

5 part series:


Windows PowerShell Week webcasts

November 6 - 10, 2006

  Windows PowerShell Week, a series of five Webcasts that were held November 6
  - 10, 2006 on TechNet. These Webcasts will provide you with a thorough
  introduction to Windows PowerShell.



And Now for
  Something Completely Different:

  Windows PowerShell

  What is Windows PowerShell? Find out on Day 1.

  Recorded on Monday November 6, 2006



One Cmdlet, Two Cmdlet, Three Cmdlet, Four:

  Introduction to Windows PowerShell Commands

  Learn all about cmdlets and how to use them.

  Recorded on Tuesday November 7, 2006



Objects, Objects Everywhere:

  With Objects in Windows PowerShell

  Discover the wonderful world of objects and how to access them in Windows

  Recorded on Wednesday November 8, 2006



New Kid on the Script Block:

  Scripts with Windows PowerShell

  Day 4 is all about writing scripts.

  Recorded Thursday November 9, 2006



Amazing But True:

  You Never Dreamt You Could Do With Windows PowerShell

  Learn about Windows PowerShell and maybe even have a little fun in the

  Recorded Friday November 10, 2006


These too are pretty good. It’s
using the PowerGUI tool (my favorite tool to date), but still good.

Download and use PowerGUI as
your editor, it’s free

If you are still using VBScript
this is a very good tool. Also free to use but the paying for it turns on all
the features.
If you are converting from VBS to PSH then take a look at:

VBScript-to-Windows PowerShell Conversion Guide


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Advice & Training, Forums, and Resources


You have to register at this
site, but free ebooks here as well.


Free ebooks:

Administrator's Guide to Windows
PowerShell Remoting


Master-PowerShell | With Dr.
Tobias Weltner