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July, 2005

  • How many Laws of Identity does this one break?!?

    Link to article Though this seems like a great idea, it has scary implications. Peoplen are pretty protective of their medical record. Reminds me of that Seinfeld where Elaine had a bad doctor visit and they put it on her record. She could...
  • Identity Management hurts

    Seriously, this stuff is really hard. I work in the Identity Management space and most of my time has focused more on enterprise Idm solutions (things like metadirectories and provisioning). Recently, I have been studying this from a more wholistic internet...
  • Interesting article about Identity Management as a web service

    Clint Boulton's interesting article talks about Identity Management delivering Idm solutions as web services. I think this ties in well with Microsoft's plan for the Identity Metasystem and Infocard.
  • Bike ride through the mountains - Complete!

    Below is a trip report from my big ride last Friday (7/8). Overall, the trip was great. Certainly the toughest physical accomplishment of my life. The first 50 miles were basically simple. After that, it was all uphill and extremely steep over the...
  • MIIS OpenLDAP Connector Announced

    This was an announcement at Tech-Ed Europe today. Pretty exciting. You could certainly have developed your own OpenLDAP MA using the extensible MA, but this will take some...
  • New MS Press Group Policy Book

    This book has some great details on Active Directory Group Policies. I can't wait to get a copy myself.
  • Microsoft and Sun Partnership Progress

    This is somewhat old news by now, but I wanted to remind folks about the announcements in this press release. Basically, Microsoft and Sun have really started to show some progress...