I was perusing John Oxley’s Canadian IT Managers blog and found an interesting article about Virtualisation via the OS: http://blogs.technet.com/cdnitmanagers/archive/2005/08/12/409115.aspx

In the post, he talks about the roadmap for virtualisation.

IMHO if you add the virtualisation layer to the core OS, not only do you increase the speed and reduce the overhead, you suddenly get integration in terms of management, stability and security. I am a real fan of virtualisation technology (as you might have noticed from my blog) and run most of my infrastructure under Virtual Server 2005. It seems to me that with the addition of 64 bit clients as well, thus removing the memory challenges, we can really start to use virtualisation. Mind you it is not just about consolidation as there are other mechanisms for combining and more effectively using resources. Virtualisation technology has many applications in testing, education and other environments. I for one await the day that virtualisation is built in to the OS.