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Vancouver TechNet Winter Tour 2005 Event!

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It seems from the feeback we received that you liked the new format for the sessions and enjoyed the 2 presenter approach... I was a blast for us as well.

The biggest thing for me from the event was the quantity and quality of the questions... So a big thank you to you all.

I also need to make a big mention (and even bigger plug) for VANTUG (Vancounver Technology User Group) and suggest that if you have not already done so, go to their web site: and join in! This is an amazing group of IT Pros and Developers who are passionate about technology and love to network event more!

I certainly am looking forward to the next event in Vancouver. See you all then.

  • at Vancouver TechNet you (or Rick) mentioned a link on your blogs for best-practices to making a boot-cd after slip-streaming a service pack into an install cd pack onto your harddrive.
    sorry, I can't find anything other than the slip-stream process.
    regards, and thanks for an informative presentation.