Bruce Adamczak

I have spent years working in perfmon, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks on the tool!

About Bruce Adamczak


About Bruce Adamczak

Bruce Adamczak is a Senior Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft.  I joined Microsoft in May of 2002 and have no plans on leaving anytime soon.  I am based in Columbus, Ohio.  I am supporting customer in the Heartland
District and around the world.  I am a platform specialist focused on infrastructure, Active Directory and performance.  I spend lots of my time “Defending the AD Realm”.  I see an increasing number of applications that
are coming into the enterprise that are not always the most efficient in communicating with Active Directory.   This often goes unnoticed, but it can add up to a lot of overhead in your environment.  Identifying and resolving these issues is one of my
favorite passions.     Outside of work I love spending time with my wonderful wife, daughter and son. 

You can learn more about Premier support at this link: