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February, 2008

  • Scheduling Groups of Objects for Maintenance Mode

    I was given a challenge recently to come up with a solution for an organization that wanted to suppress any alerts for certain computers and services during a particular time window every night. The particular set of objects and the times in question...
  • Command Shell Presentation at MMS 2008

    I will be doing a presentation at the upcoming MMS 2008 titled Administrative Scenarios using the Operations Manager 2007 Command Shell. This is a bit of a departure for me since I've presented several times at MMS but usually on management packs and...
  • Management Pack Authoring Guide (Told you)

    Just a few days ago, I mentioned that the new Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Authoring Guide was going to be released "very soon". Sure enough, it's been posted at
  • Running PowerShell Scripts from a Management Pack - Part 1

    Considering all my work with OpsMgr management packs and my infatuation with PowerShell, it's surprising that I've never put the two together in a public forum.  I keep meaning to, just don't ever seem to get there.  I finally committed myself...
  • Where did I get the documentation?

    I've been asked a few times where I got all the information behind the different management pack related posts I've done. I actually don't have any more access to documentation than anyone else. I come across this information through