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August, 2008

  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #8: Custom Presence

    The one everybody has been waiting for..! Custom Presence (Credit to Keith for writing the little app.) · Go get a coffee. · Don’t swear when it doesn’t work first time – try again Setting the Pre-Req’s on Vista and MOC...
  • Some Vista, Exchange and OCS Gadgets

    I was forwarded this mail from Brombles and it's great to see some of the creative thinking with side-bar gadget. So I really like the EWS (Exchange Web Services) gadget as this lives on my desktop (without having to have OL running :)) Have a play and...
  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #4: Updating your Outlook COntacts

    **Be warned this will reset everything to +44 even if you have non-UK \ international numbers** You’ll need a coffee for this one, but is probably the most useful. You can only dial external numbers from Communicator when a number is in E.164 format...
  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #3: IS that your Phone Ringing..?

    Is that your phone ringing..? If you want to change the default ring tone of Communicator then follow these steps: Take your favourite tune and turn it into a WAV file. Copy this WAV file to c:\program files\Office communicator 2007 In  Office Communicator...
  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #6: One Voicemail

    Here is a scenario \ configuration example that you could use to have one voicemail 1) Have Communicator configured to simultaneous ring your mobile. 2) Configure your Orange Network settings to divert on: not answered, unavailable etc, to your office...
  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #7: Personal Call Transfer

    This is a good one and will give you hours of fun today  J In Tip #2 I mentioned Call Divert and Simultaneous ringing – but are you aware of Personal Transfer..? Personal Transfer Here’s the scenario – Someone calls your extension...
  • IT FOrum (Tech-ED) Early Bird Discount

    If you are thinking of coming to Barcelona this year for ITForum you can register for the EarlyBird discount from here:
  • Communicator and OCS Tech Tip #5: Where AM I..?

    Just a quick one today as I want to go home J You can specify where you are, in geographic terms, in Communicator to let recipients know whether you are in the office, at home or on a customer site, or create a custom location.
  • September MMMUG in London

    Here are the details of our September MMMUG meeting. This event will be held in London at the MSFT offices in Cardinal Place near Victoria. This month we have a exciting session led by John Stewart-Murray from Dialogic. John will be introducing telephony...
  • UK UC and Messaging Technet events

    I was chatting with Alex today who asked for a little publicity on a the following events that will be happening in September. If you would like to receive the UK Technet Newsletter then please register here: September...
  • Six Degrees of Separation

    This is really interesting... If you want to know more the full research paper is here:
  • Exchange (2003) System Manager for Windows Vista

    You can grab Exchange System Manager for Vista from here:
  • Exchange and Virtualisation Announcement

    In case you haven't already been made aware please take a look at the following announcement made by the Exchange PG this morning on Exchange 2007 SP1 and Virtualisation.