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January, 2007

  • Planning your Ex2007 infrastructure

    I have been busy this past month hence hardly any posts... hardly an excuse, but the truth..! Yesterday I visited a great bunch of Exchange minded people who are currently testing Ex2007 and starting to look at how to plan what hardware is required, what...
  • Exchange 2007 Visio Templates

    Can be accessed here
  • Exchange 2007 LoadGen

    Hello All - I wanted to draw your attention to the newly released Loadgen for Exchange 2007. Further details can be found here for the 32Bit All the Exchange 2007 Tools are here
  • Some Exchange 2007 weekend reading by KC and Paul Bowden
  • Installing a MNS Ex2007 CCR Cluster

    Happy New Year to you all - I have just configured another CCR cluster in my environment and wanted to highlight: 1) How easy it is 2) Point you to the correct documentation in the correct order. Just to set the scene, I have four machines, one is my...
  • More Ex2007 WhitePapers

    The Exchange 2007 WP are beginning to fly out the door now. Here if the latest one Securing Internet Messaging .
  • Exchange 2007 WhitePapers....

    I have just come across the following Exchange 2007 WhitePapers: Overview of Exchange Server 2007 White Paper : Here and.... Meeting the E-Mail Compliance Challenge with Exchange Server 2007 White Paper : Here