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December, 2006

  • Exchange Server 2007 RTM

    Good Morning all, just wanted to bring the following to your attention..!!!
  • Exchange 2007 Webcasts for December and January

    Here is a list of some relevant webcasts over the next few weeks or so: • TechNet Webcast: Storage Sizing and Testing for Exchange Server 2007 (Level 200) Wed, 20 Dec 2006 21:00:00 GMT • TechNet Webcast: Mobile Messaging with Exchange Server 2003 SP2...
  • Family Fortunes..!

    So we had some fun yesterday when David Dickinson came in to host Family Fortunes for our EVO launch, Exchange, Vista and Office. Steve got this cracker of a picture of us all...!
  • Exchange Server 2007 Case Studies

    In order to win the business over as to why you shuld be thinking of Ex2007, there are a number of case studies that have been published. In particular in the UK the following two have been released: Savills PLC Blackwell Publishing: As soon as the rest...
  • Exchange 2007 OWA Walk-Through

    In case you missed this, I want to point out this fantastic walk-through of what Ex2007 OWA can now do for both the end user and administrators. I challenge you all to live in OWA..!
  • Exchange 2007 Reading

    So I have been a little quiet recently mainly down to being busy and simply not having enough time to do anything..! Anyway, I was shown the following link the other day with Ex2007 reading material. I haven't read any of the docs so can't really comment...