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September, 2006

  • Netmon 3

    During my time as a support engineer it was necessary to occasionally get netmon traces between Exchange servers, DC's GC's in order to troubleshoot exactly what was being sent down the wire - it wasn't always a pleasent experience. Now, there is a new...
  • UK Ex2007 Technet Event

    Next month there is a Exchange 2007 event here at TVP the event will cover the following: "In this session we will discuss how Exchange gives you administrators more control, provides “Anywhere Access” to your inbox and explore the in-built security and...
  • Ex2007 Partner Ignite Training in the UK

    If you are currently a Microsoft Partner and would like training on Exchange 2007 then please take a look at the following link there are a number of course and venues for you to choose from in the UK Hope this helps you get ready for launch..!
  • Ex2007 Unified Messaging Test Kit

    I wanted to draw your attention to the post recently made on EHLO which offers Exchange Admins the chance to get familiar and test the Unified Messaging functionality in Exchange 2007 with a compatible VoIP gateway. To understand which VoIP gateways and...
  • IT Forum 07 : Barcelona

    In November, ITForum will be taking place in Barcelona where there will be a lot of focus on Ex2007 as it will be close to RTM at that point. For further information on ITForum, take a look here
  • Even more MONAD

    I think the following post from Paul says it all really.
  • Exchange 2007 BETA 2 SDK

    You may have seen this already, but in case you haven't here's how to get the BETA 2 version of the SDK Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SDK Beta 2 This preliminary release of the Exchange 2007 SDK Documentation and Samples provides new and updated documentation...
  • Vista Upgrade Advisor

    If you have a home PC you want to try Vista on, try running the upgrade advisor on your machine 1 st . It reports what devices it can and cannot support !!! Cool Thanks to Julius...
  • Exchange 2007 BETA 1 Presentation Video

    This seems like such a long time ago now, but in January I presented what was happening with E12 in the BETA 1 timeframe here at TVP in Reading. If you have a spare 46mins and want a bit a laugh and listen to me waffle on..! :) Go here
  • Zune

    Back off holiday so there will be a little bit more appearing now..! You may well have seen or at least heard about this, but later in the year (US) Zune will be about: