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How to Deploy Phantom Updates with System Center Configuration Manager

How to Deploy Phantom Updates with System Center Configuration Manager

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Have you ever wanted to deploy an update in Configuration Manager and went hay i don't see that in my list of updates?  You probably started looking around checking to ensure your classifications and products were all filled out and noticed all were selected or the ones you required were selected and still nothing to be found.

Well if you have, you have been in the same boat as me until i realized how to fix this problem. Its maybe not as straight forward as you would think but the process is very easy to get these phantom updates synced up in WSUS so you don't have deploy them via software distribution etc.

1) First open up the Windows Server Updates Services Console.

2) Next lets expand Update Services --> Server --> Updates and select import updates from the actions pane on the right.


3) You will be redirected to once here install the Activex Control if this is your first time visiting the site.

4) Now lets search for our Phantom Update in this example i am going to use the recently released Update.  Once found select "Add All" and View Basket.

5) Next we can simply select Import and the selected updates will be imported directly into WSUS.

6) Open the Configuration Manager Console and Expand Overview --> Software Updates --> All Software Updates and select "Synchronize Software Updates".  After a few minutes you can monitor the wsyncmgr.log and verify your updates synced with your SUP.

7) You should now see your Phantom Update in the All Software Updates node in the ConfigMgr Console and can deploy it like any other update.

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  • Quick question, for your Sync Settings, do you sync from Microsoft Update?  I do, and i'm guessing that's why I do not see the 2775511 updates in SCCM after running a Sync.

  • I did run the import and see the suucessful download in wsyncmgr.log.  

  • DJ - when you 'sync from Microsoft Update' with ConfigMgr, it is using the WSUS instance you configured during your initial setup to do the actual synchronization.

    The reason you aren't seeing this KB2775511 is that it is not a normal update, it is a 'hotfix rollup' (not to be confused with a 'update rollup').   Hotfixes and hotfix rollups are not published to the WSUS/SUP catalog.

    I hope that helps!


  • Nash is correct this is a limited release hotfix rollup which is why you wouldn't see this update regardless of how your WSUS is syncing.  This is common and occasionally we release these sort of Phantom Updates that don't show up in WSUS.

  • Is there any way to remove an update that was added via this method?

  • You would need to Expire the update.

  • Hi
    I'm about to try this but somehow i can't pull up my WSUS console. it shows this mmc error...
    "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in and will unload it"...
    -Report this error to MS, and then shut down MMC
    -Unload the snap-in and continue running

    Please help


  • I thought this is exactly what I was looking for..import went fine and all dandy..
    Yet after completing the sync...Wsycmgr doesn't find any additional updates added!
    The 2 updates it cant find are KB2709981 and KB2592687, both are updates for Win7x64

    Weird thing is if I search for them within the WSUS find both of them! Yet they cannot be found from within configmgr...

    I have Windows 7 ticked within my products list.

  • Apologies scratch that....I had the product correct..but not the correct classifications (derrr)
    Thanks for this article!

  • Thanks a lot mate!

  • I have a problem to deploy an update imported through Update catalag.
    After the synchronization with SCCM was done I’ve added KB2670838 to my deployment package with all others Windows 7 updates.
    Now when I push this update deployment package,KB2670838 is stuck on downloading and prevents other updates
    to install. In updatehander.log I'm getting message:
    Bundle update (9f0ff821-ad6d-45bb-bb67-862147e1b599) is requesting download from child updates for action (INSTALL) UpdatesHandler 2014-08-27 09:25:25 4716 (0x126C)
    CCacheManager::CCacheManager UpdatesHandler 2014-08-27 09:25:25 4716 (0x126C)
    Any clues?

  • I have been reading that there are issues with update 2670838. Is this update still required as its not a normal update from Windows update anymore? If its still required, is anyone experiencing issues with Aero on the desktop or messed up task bar etc?

  • I have followed this procedure but can't get the updates in SCCM. Do I need to choose all categories to be able to see them?

  • you need to have the Classification and Product selected of the update you are trying to import. If you are trying to import a hotfix that will not work.

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