Supported upgrades for domain controllers to Windows 2008 (Melting Pot in CorpNet)

Supported upgrades for domain controllers to Windows 2008 (Melting Pot in CorpNet)

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Currently we are running Win2k3 SP1, R2, SP2, Win2k8 Beta3, RC0, RC1, and RTM Escrow idomain controllers in production...  Since we're running some downlevel servers in the environment and I was interested in what is supported to be upgraded to Windows 2008 when we sign off and the the DVDs start getting pressed.  Luckily a mail came by on one of our discussion aliases that has the details I (we) desire.

  • You can have DCs with down-level OS down to Windows 2000 SP4 in the same forest along with WS2008 DCs.
  • This means you can have forests with a mix of WS2008, WS2003 SP2, WS2003 R2, WS2003 SP1 and Win2K SP4 (please have in mind that this depends on the forest and domain functional levels).
  • If you have a down-level only forest (i.e. no WS2008) and want to introduce a new WS2008 you will need to run ADPrep (ForestPrep and DomainPrep).
  • You can run ADPrep having down-level OS down to Win2K SP4, you don’t need to have all of them with WS03 SP2.
  • However if you are going to in-place upgrade any of the down-level DCs, these have to be at least WS2003 SP1.


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  • How about upgrading from Server 2008 RC0 to RTM in a single domain controller environment?  I've been testing Server 2008 in a limited test network with 4 PC's and a single Domain Controller as the only server.  I had some issues upgrading from the beta to RC0, and ended up having to re-crete the test domain.  I'm hoping the upgrade from RC0 to final will be a bit smoother.

  • Should be more smooth.  The gap between beta3 and RC0 was long (8 monhts or more?) and there were a ton of fixes put in between those times.  

  • I dont know if RC0 --> RTM is offically supported though.

  • Bron: IBM zet de aanval in op Microsoft via het MKB. Het MKB is typisch een marktsegment

  • i m trying to upgrade from 2000 based domain to 2008 domain. 2000 domain is in native mode. when i run adprep /domainprep /gpprep, installatio failed with error: adprep detected that domain is not in native mode.

    when i try to run dcpromo on 2008 to make it ADC, setup also fails there with the error: plz run adprep /domainprep. don't know what's the problem.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Manoj, you might want to check out:

  • It was actually domain mode issue. Domain was in mixed mode event though during domain creation i selected native option. i was not able to find how to change domain functional level in windows 2000. It is not alike windows 2003. I right click on domain name, general tab and click on change mode and it worked. after that i ran the domainprep /gpprep command and it worked fine.

    Thanks for your support.

  • Good to hear Manoj.

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