December, 2007

  • What do you say you DO here?

    Just noticed the AD jigsaw poster has been updated for 2k8. So next time your boss asks you "What do say you do here?", don't reply with I'm a people person! Do the following: 1) Download one of the jigsaw posters from
  • Need to get IPCONFIG /ALL from a computer remotely?

    I know people have scripted this, but this is so much easier... You could use PSExec for running other commands as well, but someone recently asked me an easy way to get the IP info so here it is. If you just want to be sitting at a command prompt on...
  • Performance update for Vista RTM released today

    Saw this on the Windows Vista team blog today. This update improves performance, responsiveness, and reliability of Windows Vista in various scenarios. This update resolves the following issues on a Windows Vista...