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  • Blog Post: Partner Guide: Webcast #2: How to create a new Admin and Sign on with the SSO tool

    This webcast, #2 in a series, shows you how a Partner can create a new Services Administrator and sign on with that account using the Single Sign On Tool
  • Blog Post: Quick Reference for BPOS-Standard Technical Content

    Hi, I'm always sending links to people about what training and content is avialable so thought it might be useful to put this all together in a single place. Send me updates you think should be there and I'll add them. Thanks! Brett Quick- Reference Technical Resources for BPOS-Standard ...
  • Blog Post: BPOS Webcasts on Technet

    Wanted to post this summary of webcasts on Technet for your viewing pleasure. http://blogs.technet.com/bpositive/pages/bpos-webcasts-available-on-technet.aspx
  • Blog Post: Quick-Reference for BPOS-S Technical Content

    Quick- Reference Technical Resources for BPOS-Standard Getting ramped up on BPOS-S? Already know the services but want more depth? Looking for way to stay up to date about updates to the services? This list is designed to help get started, get deeper, and stay current. These are my picks for the...
  • Blog Post: Partner Guide: How to create trial accounts with customers

    This webcast (#1 in a series) details how a Partner creates a trail BPOS account for customers.
  • Blog Post: Wanna chat about cloud services?

    Hey for some reason I was asked to be one of the hosts at a couple of online chats coming up. These are open to the public so if you have questions about Microsoft's cloud stratgey, BPOS, or just want to hang out, come on down. Thanks, Brett TechTarget: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget...
  • Blog Post: Migration Webcast Coming up by Jenna Leday - Migration guru at BPOS

    Hi, Jenna Leday is presenting a webcast on Migrating to BPOS on Dec 17th 2009, 11AM PST . Please click here to register. Jenna is PM on the BPOS team that manages the migration toolkit and powershell commands recently released (see previous blog post). She's the de-facto go-to girl for technical...