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    Boston is known for a lot of things. From its historical significance as one of the oldest cities in the United States and its importance during the American Revolution with the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party , to today’s die hard Red Sox Nation and culture of culinary delights including...
  • Blog Post: Check out what's going on at NERD

    Microsoft's NERD blog recently posted some best practices and learnings from Women's History Month . Also, take a look at information on an upcoming event with Microsoft Online Services Division President Qi Lu as he sits down with Xconomy’s Boston Editor Greg Huang to answer questions.
  • Blog Post: We’re all in – are you?

    All of us have probably gazed up at the sky on a summer day and discovered forms of animals or people in the clouds. We marveled at millions of tiny water droplets banding together to create familiar shapes. Today, however, the cloud represents something much more tangible that can actually alter...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Announces Worldwide Availability of Office 365

    It’s here… Today, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced the global availability of Office 365, Microsoft’s next generation productivity service. Office 365 is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience delivering world class productivity solutions to people and...