Boston Startup Makes Physical Therapy More Fun with Kinect

Boston Startup Makes Physical Therapy More Fun with Kinect

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Let’s be honest, few people enjoy physical therapy. And without the prodding of a therapist at your home instructing you to bend, stretch and repeat, as required to heal your injury, few people are motivated enough to correctly complete the assigned exercises.

Enter Home TeamTherapy, a Boston-based startup aiming to make home therapy more fun and effective using Kinect, a motion sensing input device by Microsoft. With the Kinect application, all you need is a PC and a Kinect sensor and you’re on your way to better health.


The Home Team app allows patients to communicate with their therapist and keep track of their progress – streamlining a process that was previously only possible with frequent phone calls, emails and office visits. Kinect also helps you correct your form through subtle guidance.

Co-founder Jason Fu told Mashable that he wants therapists and doctors to be able to use Home Team's tools for free. The product is currently in beta testing and patients can opt into the tools for a monthly subscription fee of around $20.  

The product was recently featured on an episode of the Doctors where Dr. Andrew Ordon gave it a test run. Watch the video here. At Microsoft Boston, we are excited to feature local innovations such as this one on our blog! 

To learn more about the power of Xbox+Kinect, click here.

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