As I mentioned previously, the 31 Days of Windows Servers (VMs) in the Cloud series is under way and either myself or one of my peers will be putting together an article on Windows Azure IaaS each and every day for the month of January.  The intent of this series is to educate and inform the IT Pro on Windows Azure and give you deep insight into this platform.

The January 2nd edition by Tommy Patterson went live on his blog - Building Free Lab VMs in the Microsoft Cloud (Part 2 of 31) In this second edition of the series, Tommy walks you through creating your first virtual machine (Step-By-Step) on Windows Azure.

STEP 1 – Sign up for FREE Windows Azure account and start your journey to learning

STEP 2 – Sign up for a FREE Microsoft Virtual Academy eLearning account to take FREE TRAINING on Windows Azure at your own pace

STEP 3 – Read the blog series on Windows Azure IaaS by remembering the shortened URL 

The direct link to this blog article is here