May, 2010

  • Office Security Engineering: BlueHat v9 Presentation Revisited

    Hi, this is Tom Gallagher from the Office Trustworthy Computing team. At Blue Hat v9 , David Conger and I presented some of the security engineering work that we were doing to help ensure the security of Office 2010. We don’t want a single bug in...
  • Strengthening the Security Cooperation Program

    G'day Mate!

    I have always wanted to say that. I am here at the AusCERT 2010 conference in the beautiful Gold coast, Australia. I am here with my fellow ecostrat colleague Karl Hanmore presenting our talk on “Engagement between National/Government CERTs and the vendor community; benefits and challenges”. This talk is going to highlight some of our experiences engaging and collaborating on multiple levels with governments around the globe. We are also going to talk about some key ideas and frameworks that can make the collaboration process between government and vendors more effective. We are also announcing some pilot programs for governments that we hope will help push the collaboration efforts to the next level with regards to shared information levels.