About BlueHat Security Briefings


About BlueHat Security Briefings

BlueHat is an internal Microsoft security conference aimed at bringing Microsoft security professionals and external security researchers together in a relaxed environment to promote the sharing of ideas and social networking. BlueHat is a cutting-edge conference aimed at improving the security of Microsoft products.  BlueHat continuously seeks out new and innovative material, highlighting important emergent technologies, techniques, and industry best practices.

BlueHat content is a hybrid of deep-dive technical security issues, innovative techniques and best practices in the information security realm.  The conference consists of morning and afternoon tracks of presentations in a lecture theater environment, coming from both internal and external security experts. The presentations offer speakers the opportunity to showcase on-going research and collaborate with peers while educating and highlighting advancements in security products and techniques.

The audience is a multinational mix of professionals involved on a daily basis with security work: security product vendors, security researchers, security officers, members of security response teams, past BlueHat speakers and some press.

For past and future session overviews, speaker bios and podcast videos visit our BlueHat TechNet site.