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Business Process Management 

BizTalk Adapter Pack 
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Using the WCF SQL Adapter to submit messages to SSB queues from BizTalk  - 07-Oct-2009

Consumer and Hardware Solutions 

Microsoft Surface 
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Microsoft Local Impact Map on Surface  - 09-Oct-2009
Coldwell Banker Proof-of-Concept  - 06-Oct-2009
Coldwell Banker Proof-of-Concept  - 05-Oct-2009

Xbox Press Releases 
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The Seasons Are a Changin’ – October Brings a Brand New Round of Games on Demand, Avatar Marketplace Gear and Deals of the Week to Xbox LIVE  - 08-Oct-2009
Forza Motorsport 3 Eyes the Finish Line with Full Car and Track Lists and Free Launch Day Add-ons  - 07-Oct-2009
Crab People, Dreamworlds, Puzzlers and Evil Hippies… “South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!” and “Lucidity” Coming Exclusively to Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 7  - 06-Oct-2009
“Lips” and Singer Colbie Caillat Celebrate the Joys of Singing this Fall  - 06-Oct-2009
Legendary Franchises Join Xbox 360 Platinum Hits Collection  - 05-Oct-2009


Dynamics CRM 
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Maximizing Your Sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0  - 09-Oct-2009
Gartner EAS Magic Quadrant Ranks Microsoft as Leader  - 08-Oct-2009
CRMUG Workshop - Social Networks: Time Drain or Business Gain?  - 06-Oct-2009
Introduction to xRM. One Platform. Many Applications.  - 05-Oct-2009

Dynamics GP 
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RELEASED!! - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (Integration Tool)  - 05-Oct-2009
Pre-Post Training for Dynamics GP  - 05-Oct-2009

Dynamics GP for Developers 
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Dexterity Chunk file wouldn't merge  - 09-Oct-2009
History of Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics GP  - 08-Oct-2009
Visual Studio Tools and Dynamics GP Security  - 07-Oct-2009
Congratulations Mark Polino  - 06-Oct-2009
Copying Record Notes and OLE Attachments between Companies  - 05-Oct-2009


Environment Software Enabled Earth 
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Environmental Sustainability at Tech·Ed Europe 2009  - 08-Oct-2009
Seattle City Light Begins Offering its Customers Consumption Data for use with Microsoft Hohm  - 07-Oct-2009

Microsoft On The Issues Legal and Policy 
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A Welcome Change of Direction at the US Patent Office  - 10-Oct-2009
IT as an Engine of Economic Growth -- Another Perspective  - 09-Oct-2009
European Commission to Market Test Microsoft Proposals on Web Browser Choice  - 07-Oct-2009
A Solid Step Forward in the Road to Sensible Patent Reform  - 06-Oct-2009
A Big Year Ahead for the Supreme Court and the Information Economy  - 05-Oct-2009
The Local Economic Benefits of the Global Software Business  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Unlimited Potential 
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In Rwanda, Technology is Helping Education be a Catalyst for Peace   - 08-Oct-2009
World Teachers' Day 2009  - 05-Oct-2009

MSDN Magazine 
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Lining Up Columns  - 09-Oct-2009
A Necessary 101 on Professional Application Development  - 08-Oct-2009
File > New > Project: Developing a New MSDN Magazine!!  - 07-Oct-2009

The Data Privacy Imperative 
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The Week in Privacy, October 9, 2009  - 10-Oct-2009
Microsoft vs. Malvertising: tackling the threat of malicious online advertising   - 08-Oct-2009
Phishing scheme affecting some Hotmail customers  - 07-Oct-2009

Working for Microsoft - JobsBlog 
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Life in Redmond, Washington  - 05-Oct-2009

Industry Solutions 

Education UK Further Education Community Colleges 
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The Saïd Business School website in SharePoint  - 08-Oct-2009
South West Windows 7 event in Bristol  - 06-Oct-2009
Special Student Deals on Office and Windows  - 05-Oct-2009
A free seminar on How to Build Rich and Interactive Websites for Education and Research  - 05-Oct-2009

Education UK Higher Education 
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The Saïd Business School website in SharePoint  - 08-Oct-2009
Special Student Deals on Office and Windows  - 05-Oct-2009
Seminar invitation: How to Build Rich and Interactive Websites for Education and Research  - 05-Oct-2009

Education UK Teachers K12 
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ICT training for your school with Microsoft IT Academy  - 05-Oct-2009

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Needed: One Hell of a Training Program  - 07-Oct-2009

Life Sciences Developers and Architects 
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Deployment, the BioIT Alliance, and Social Networking  - 05-Oct-2009

Power and Utilities 
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Seattle City Light Ushers in New Era of Home Energy Management, Offers Microsoft Hohm to its Customers  - 07-Oct-2009
Carbon Capture and Sequestration is Real Option, But Will Costs Constrain Development?   - 06-Oct-2009


Internet Explorer 
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Add-on Guidelines in action – AVG Security Toolbar  - 07-Oct-2009

Microsoft Advertising 

adCenter Analytics 
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Windows Phone & Mobile Advertising  - 09-Oct-2009
Crush Cups - A Personal Story About Advertising Effectiveness  - 07-Oct-2009
“Buying Clever” in Barcelona – Travel Convention 2009  - 07-Oct-2009
In-Game Advertising "Facts are Stubborn Things..."  - 05-Oct-2009

adCenter for Advertisers 
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Learning Links: adCenter Help for Newbies  - 08-Oct-2009
Bing Buzz and The Holidays: Opportunities for Advertisers  - 07-Oct-2009
Paid Search Bid Concepts and Strategies (Part I)  - 06-Oct-2009
Keyword Research in adCenter: Step-By-Step Instructions  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Conferences and Briefings 

Bluehat Security Briefings 
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Collaborating on RIA Security  - 06-Oct-2009

MIX The Next Web Now 
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Risk, Reward, and the Strategic Plan.  - 07-Oct-2009
A Beginning Glossary for the Web Designer or Developer  - 06-Oct-2009

Microsoft Learning 

Microsoft Certified Master 
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Rotation 7 of the SQL MCM Program has begun!  - 07-Oct-2009
And More Exchange 2007 MCM's!  - 06-Oct-2009
Another New MCA on Exchange Server 2007!  - 06-Oct-2009

Microsoft Learning 
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Last Call: PDC09 $300 discount ends October 13  - 09-Oct-2009
Microsoft Official Courses: Now Digital!  - 09-Oct-2009
Get on the Bus – Meet us in York  - 09-Oct-2009
PDC09 Update – New sessions announced today  - 08-Oct-2009
Introducing the MCT edition bus  - 08-Oct-2009
And then there were TWO buses!  - 08-Oct-2009
To Be Open or To Be Closed? That is the Question  - 08-Oct-2009
New Book: Windows 7 Resource Kit  - 07-Oct-2009
Get on the Bus: Please help spread the word!  - 07-Oct-2009
Released to Manufacturing: Course 6292, Installing and Configuring Windows 7  - 07-Oct-2009
Certification or College Degree: Which Should You Choose? (hint: both)  - 06-Oct-2009
Elevate America Voucher Alert: Illinois  - 06-Oct-2009
Look out World!  - 06-Oct-2009
Are You Ready To Get On The Bus  - 06-Oct-2009
Want a free copy of Windows 7? Get on the bus!  - 05-Oct-2009
Communications: What Works for You?  - 05-Oct-2009
FREE Exchange 2010/Unified Messaging content!  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Press 
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Last Call: PDC09 $300 discount ends October 13  - 09-Oct-2009
William Stanek: Story from the trenches & a few answers  - 08-Oct-2009
New Book: Windows 7 Resource Kit  - 07-Oct-2009
William Stanek: We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast  - 06-Oct-2009
Review: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals  - 05-Oct-2009
Ed Wilson: How to learn a complex task  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Online Services 

Microsoft Online Services 
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Scheduled Downtime: Microsoft Online Customer Portal for October 10  - 09-Oct-2009
What State Are Your User Accounts In?  - 09-Oct-2009
Notes from the Cloud: Oct. 6  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Live Workspaces 
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Top 5 reasons you should be using Office Live Workspace  - 10-Oct-2009
How Office Live Workspace is helping my semester-long group project  - 08-Oct-2009

Microsoft Press Pass 

Press Pass Press Releases 
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Capgemini and Microsoft Announce ERP+ Initiative  - 09-Oct-2009
Microsoft Reveals Office Winter Games Contest  - 09-Oct-2009
Microsoft and China’s YuLong Telecommunication Announce Exchange ActiveSync Patent License Agreement  - 09-Oct-2009
Leading Organizations Worldwide Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM  - 08-Oct-2009
Microsoft Launches Online H1N1 Flu Response Center to Support Consumers  - 07-Oct-2009
Media Alert: Microsoft to Comment on European Commission Announcement  - 07-Oct-2009
Statement: Microsoft Welcomes European Commission Market Testing Announcement  - 07-Oct-2009
Microsoft Unveils New Windows Phones Worldwide  - 06-Oct-2009
New Study Says IT Sector to Help Drive Global Economic Recovery  - 05-Oct-2009

Press Pass Top Stories 
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New Armani Phone Unveiled  - 09-Oct-2009
Microsoft Open House a Showcase for 2009 Consumer Lineup  - 07-Oct-2009
Windows Phones Now Available in Stores Worldwide  - 06-Oct-2009
Software Investment Drives Continued Growth in Local Economies  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Service Management 

Microsoft Operations Framework 
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Using MOF - Case Studies at Saudi Post  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Applications 

Deployment Support 
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Deploy Office 2007 via GPO startup script  - 05-Oct-2009

Office 2010 
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New Ways to Try and Buy Microsoft Office 2010  - 07-Oct-2009
Designing With Customers in Mind  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Access 
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Identifying the Record Selected on a Continuous Form  - 07-Oct-2009
Access 2007 link table to SharePoint list performance  - 06-Oct-2009
Using Access for disaster response  - 05-Oct-2009
3 new articles available on MSDN  - 05-Oct-2009

Office Excel and Excel Services 
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Going Back to the Topic of Functions For a Moment…  - 08-Oct-2009
PivotTable Named Sets in Excel 2010  - 06-Oct-2009

Office for Mac 
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Office Web Apps and the Mac user  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Powerpoint 
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Introducing Broadcast Slide Show  - 09-Oct-2009
World’s Best Presentation 2009  - 07-Oct-2009

Office Project 
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Project 2010: Introducing the Team Planner  - 08-Oct-2009
See Project 2010 at the PMI Global Congress  - 08-Oct-2009
Ask a Project PM: Got questions about timesheets or task status?  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Project Support 
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Bing Search now working on my Microsoft Project Support blog site!  - 08-Oct-2009
Project Server 2007: Another OLAP Cube Building Gotcha – Is your alias 32 or 64 bit?  - 08-Oct-2009
Project Server 2007: Running SSRS add-in for SharePoint without breaking your cube build  - 08-Oct-2009

Office Visio 
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Live Rendering Shapes in Visio 2010  - 09-Oct-2009
Annotating Diagrams with Callouts in Visio 2010  - 06-Oct-2009

Office Online 

Inside Office Online 
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Template du jour: Travel expense calculator for Excel 2007  - 08-Oct-2009
A whole year without buying anything new?   - 07-Oct-2009
Template du jour: Pre-travel checklist for Word 2007  - 06-Oct-2009
What are the new social media rituals?  - 06-Oct-2009
“Give me something to hate,” he says  - 05-Oct-2009
Watch Top Templates with Doug & Ron – This week: favorite letterhead  - 05-Oct-2009

Office Online Clipart and Media 
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Newly Designed Holiday Image Collections Are Here!  - 05-Oct-2009

Office Sharepoint MOSS and Groove 

Groove Development 
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Syncing to a SharePoint Site with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010  - 08-Oct-2009

SharePoint End User Content Team 
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Friday's Cool Content: Video Overviews of SharePoint 2010  - 10-Oct-2009

SharePoint Products and Technologies 
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SharePoint Conference 2009 has officially SOLD OUT!  - 10-Oct-2009
SharePoint History  - 05-Oct-2009

Partner and Customer Resources 

Microsoft Partner Program TS2 Blog 
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My new Case Logic backpack has made a big difference to me!  - 09-Oct-2009
30% BPOS Suite Discount running through December 31st!  - 08-Oct-2009
Windows 7 Load Fest  - 07-Oct-2009
OEM Reimaging Rights  - 06-Oct-2009
Local Resources  - 06-Oct-2009
Server Upgrade Licensing  - 06-Oct-2009
Is Windows XP Mode Ready for the Enterprise?  - 05-Oct-2009
Load Fest Slide Deck  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Small Medium Business Community 
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Ask Partner – Great Partner support resource from Microsoft UK!  - 06-Oct-2009
Microsoft Heartland Area Partner Connection Series  - 06-Oct-2009
Microsoft Partners earn $8.70 for every $1.00 Microsoft earns – IDC study released  - 05-Oct-2009
Microsoft UK presents – Business School Live Meetings  - 05-Oct-2009

Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP Award Program 
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MVP Provides Top Tips For Dynamics Users  - 09-Oct-2009
SQL Server MVPs Release “Deep Dives” Book  - 08-Oct-2009
Media Center MVP Prepares for the Digital Switchover  - 07-Oct-2009
MVP Writes ‘How To’ Guide For Live Writer Plugins  - 06-Oct-2009
MVP 'Tweets’ PC On Command  - 05-Oct-2009

Startup Zone Emerging Business Team 
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Startup of the Day - theChanner  - 09-Oct-2009
Where Did It Go Wrong? Lessons from Failure  - 09-Oct-2009
Startup of the Day - ValueAppeal  - 06-Oct-2009

Planning Deployment and Update 

Solution Accelerator Assessment and Planning 
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[News!] Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 5.0 In Development (Beta Program Now Open)  - 06-Oct-2009

Windows Server Update Services Support 
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October 2009 Bulletin Release Advance Notification  - 08-Oct-2009

Product Support 

Hotfix Support The Hot Blog 
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Sep. 18 - Oct. 8 Hot-Fix KB articles Weekly Release - Messaging Server  - 09-Oct-2009

Website | RSS Feed
New Tool: Disk2vhd v1.0  - 07-Oct-2009

Research and Labs 

Microsoft Connect Recent Connections 
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VMM R2 Feedback Connection  - 08-Oct-2009

Microsoft Research News and Headlines 
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Complexity Work: Simply Success  - 08-Oct-2009
Exploding Software-Engineering Myths  - 07-Oct-2009
Microsoft Research: Robust Role in UIST  - 05-Oct-2009
Video: Wild Mice of the Future in Microsoft Labs  - 05-Oct-2009
How Things Work: Microsoft's SenseCam  - 05-Oct-2009


Bing Search formerly Live Search 
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Free T-Shirt Friday Round Two Winners  - 09-Oct-2009
It Really is Rocket Science  - 09-Oct-2009
Introducing the Bing Reference Homepage  - 07-Oct-2009
Use Your Voice to Text, Call and Search with Bing  - 06-Oct-2009
Mobile Madness is Upon Us  - 05-Oct-2009

Bing Webmaster 
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Webmaster Center blog Q&A   - 09-Oct-2009


Microsoft Security Response Center MSRC 
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October 2009 Bulletin Release Advance Notification  - 08-Oct-2009

Security Bulletins Comprehensive 
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MS09-038 - Critical: Vulnerabilities in Windows Media File Processing Could Allow Remote Code Execution (971557) - Version:1.1  - 07-Oct-2009

The Security Development Lifecycle 
Website | RSS Feed
Getting the Most for Your Security Investment  - 06-Oct-2009

Security Products Forefront 

Forefront Client Security 
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FCSv1: In place OS upgrades from Win2k8 Core to Win2k8 R2 Core has an upgrade issue  - 08-Oct-2009

Forefront Product Suite 
Website | RSS Feed
Schedule and Strategy Update for Forefront Endpoint Protection  - 08-Oct-2009

Forefront Threat Management Gateway ISA Server 
Website | RSS Feed
MRS Feedback and Error Reporting Portal (beta) is live  - 07-Oct-2009
Forefront TMG ISP Redundancy Feature  - 05-Oct-2009
Mainstream Support Ending for ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition SP3  - 05-Oct-2009
Introducing the Forefront Experts Blog  - 05-Oct-2009

Forefront Unified Application Gateway UAG 
Website | RSS Feed
Beta 2 Configuration Migration to RC0 - It’s Pretty Simple  - 06-Oct-2009

Software Development Shared Source Initiative 

Website | RSS Feed
The CodePlex Jump – Trip Report from TechEd Australia and New Zealand  - 08-Oct-2009

Software and Web Development 

Application Consulting and Engineering ACE 
Website | RSS Feed
Dogfooding: How Microsoft IT Information Security Dogfoods  - 09-Oct-2009

Expression Encoder 
Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 FAQ  - 09-Oct-2009

Robotics Developer Studio 
Website | RSS Feed
CCR used at MySpace in a highly parallel environment  - 08-Oct-2009

Website | RSS Feed
Innovative France 24 Silverlight Player  - 09-Oct-2009
Expression Encoder: Which edition is right for you?  - 09-Oct-2009
Live Smooth Streaming Now Released - IIS Media Services 3.0  - 09-Oct-2009
Expression helps PING develop next-generation custom club-fitting application  - 08-Oct-2009
Silverlight Spikes AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Matches Live to Your Computer  - 07-Oct-2009

Visual Basic 
Website | RSS Feed
Getting Loopy (Matt Gertz)  - 07-Oct-2009
Hidden Costs (Matt Gertz)  - 06-Oct-2009

Visual C++ 
Website | RSS Feed
The ATL/MFC Trace Tool and the Tracing Mechanism  - 08-Oct-2009

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Support 
Website | RSS Feed
CSS TFS HOTFIX Report: September 2009  - 05-Oct-2009

Visual Web Developer 
Website | RSS Feed
Working with SVG files in Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer  - 06-Oct-2009

Web Deployment 
Website | RSS Feed
Web Deployment Tool and PowerShell Blog  - 07-Oct-2009

Windows 7 for Developers 
Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 At PDC09  - 08-Oct-2009
Free Windows 7 Seminar with Mark Russinovich (and Friends)  - 07-Oct-2009

Software and Web Development Cloud Computing 

Azure SQL Data Services 
Website | RSS Feed
SQL Azure at SQL PASS Summit  - 05-Oct-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence 

Microsoft Sync Framework 
Website | RSS Feed
Sync Framework and our upcoming conferences  - 05-Oct-2009

Project Astoria Next Generation Data Programability 
Website | RSS Feed
ADO.NET Data Services – Version Headers  - 08-Oct-2009

SQL Release Services 
Website | RSS Feed
End of Service Pack Support for SQL Server 2005 SP2 and SQL Server 2008 RTM  - 08-Oct-2009

SQL Server Compact 
Website | RSS Feed
SQL CE Binaries - Details  - 07-Oct-2009

Systems Center Systems Management 

System Center 
Website | RSS Feed
Don't Miss System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 and R3 Live Meeting on 10/8  - 07-Oct-2009
Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Now Available!  - 06-Oct-2009
Power Management and Utility Companies……..  - 06-Oct-2009

System Center Configuration Manager Support 
Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Webcast: Using Service Manager to Enhance the Capabilities of System Center Solutions  - 07-Oct-2009

System Center Mobile Device Manager Support 
Website | RSS Feed
Information on using Mobile Device Manager in a locked down environment  - 08-Oct-2009

System Center Operations Manager 
Website | RSS Feed
OpsMgr 2007 R2 MP version 6.1.7553.0 is Released!  - 07-Oct-2009
Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager  - 06-Oct-2009

System Center Operations Manager Support 
Website | RSS Feed
TechNet Webcast: Optimizing Operations Manager for Monitoring, Auditing, and Dashboards  - 08-Oct-2009
Understanding Monitors in OpsMgr 2007 part III – Dependency Monitors  - 07-Oct-2009
Updated Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides: WDS and OpsMgr 2007 R2  - 07-Oct-2009
When taking agent out of maintenance mode, old events are reprocessed and new alerts generated  - 07-Oct-2009

System Center Service Manager 
Website | RSS Feed
Displaying non-Service Manager reports in Service Manager  - 08-Oct-2009
TechNet Webcast: Using Service Manager to Enhance the Capabilities of System Center Solutions  - 07-Oct-2009

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 
Website | RSS Feed
Disk2vhd utility now available for download  - 08-Oct-2009
Momentum Webcast: Unlock Value and Savings with Microsoft Virtualization  - 07-Oct-2009

Unified Communications 

Microsoft Exchange 
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Exchange 2010 is Code Complete and on its way to General Availability  - 08-Oct-2009


App-V Application Virtualzation 
Website | RSS Feed
Momentum Webcast: Unlock Value and Savings with Microsoft Virtualization  - 08-Oct-2009

Dynamic Data Center Alliance 
Website | RSS Feed
Guest Blog by RackForce: How is Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters keeping us relevant in the market?  - 07-Oct-2009

Med-V Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 
Website | RSS Feed
Solution: The Virtual PC engine may crash when attempt to start MED-V a workspace  - 08-Oct-2009
Momentum Webcast: Unlock Value and Savings with Microsoft Virtualization  - 07-Oct-2009

Windows Virtualization 
Website | RSS Feed
Microsoft and Red Hat Complete Cooperative Technical Support  - 07-Oct-2009

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows Embedded 
Website | RSS Feed
Importing Packages to the Distribution Share  - 08-Oct-2009
Save Time with Snapshots  - 05-Oct-2009

Windows Media Center 
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A peek under the hood: Windows Media Center's PVR in Windows 7  - 05-Oct-2009

Windows Portable Devices 
Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 Portable Devices and the Windows Logo Program  - 10-Oct-2009

Windows Live 

Windows Live Team General News 
Website | RSS Feed
Hotmail outage, now resolved for most customers  - 09-Oct-2009
Update: Phishing scheme affecting some Hotmail customers  - 05-Oct-2009

Windows Mobile 

Microsoft Tag 
Website | RSS Feed
Get Married Magazine & Tag  - 06-Oct-2009

Windows Mobile 
Website | RSS Feed
Video: Windows Mobile And Bing Navigation  - 08-Oct-2009
New Windows Phones are Here!  - 06-Oct-2009

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Active Directory Services 
Website | RSS Feed
New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 9/27-10/3  - 09-Oct-2009
NTLM Blocking and You: Application Analysis and Auditing Methodologies in Windows 7  - 08-Oct-2009

Clustering and High Availability 
Website | RSS Feed
Clustered Hyper-V Upgrades from Server 2008 to Server 2008 R2  - 08-Oct-2009

Commerce Server 
Website | RSS Feed
Top 3 Ways to Get More Out of Exchange with Windows Essential Business Server 2008  - 06-Oct-2009

Group Policy 
Website | RSS Feed
Managing Power with Group Policy Preferences: TechEd Online Video  - 09-Oct-2009
Interested in managing desktops with an online service? Get in on the private beta!  - 07-Oct-2009
AGPM: GPLinks are being destroyed each time I deploy  - 05-Oct-2009

Platforms Performance 
Website | RSS Feed
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: Location-Aware Printing  - 10-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: PrintBRM  - 09-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: Print Driver Isolation  - 08-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: PMC Enhancements  - 07-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: What’s New in Printing and Printing Performance Enhancements  - 06-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: Console Host  - 05-Oct-2009
Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: Unified Background Process Manager (UBPM)  - 05-Oct-2009

Server Core Ask the Core Team 
Website | RSS Feed
How to run a Sysprep and Capture Task Sequence From MDT 2010  - 06-Oct-2009
Invalid Product Key Error Specifying MAK key in unattend.xml  - 05-Oct-2009

Small Business Server SBS 
Website | RSS Feed
Remote Access: SMBs Will Continue to Get Enterprise-Caliber Capabilities with SBS and EBS  - 05-Oct-2009

Windows Public Key Infrastructure PKI 
Website | RSS Feed
BranchCache Deployment Guide for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7  - 06-Oct-2009

Windows Server Division 
Website | RSS Feed
Survey says: IT pros weigh in on the role of solution providers  - 07-Oct-2009

Windows Server Networking and Remote Access 

Network Monitor 
Website | RSS Feed
Using NMAPI to Access TCP Payload  - 07-Oct-2009

Windows Core Networking 
Website | RSS Feed
Final version of Windows Web Services API for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 is now available!  - 10-Oct-2009

Windows Server Networking Documentation 
Website | RSS Feed
Early version of the DirectAccess Troubleshooting Guide is now available  - 06-Oct-2009

Windows Systems Management 

Scripting Hey Scripting Guys  Website | RSS Feed
Hey, Scripting Guy! Quick-Hits Friday: The Scripting Guys Respond to a Bunch of Questions (10/9/09)  - 09-Oct-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Generate a List of All Groups of Which a User Is a Member?  - 08-Oct-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Get a List of All Users in a Domain Without Their Manager Attribute Populated?  - 07-Oct-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Get a List of Domain Controllers in My Domain? (Part 2)  - 06-Oct-2009
Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Get a List of Domain Controllers in My Domain? (Part 1)  - 05-Oct-2009