Following the update and addition of 10 new blogs to the Microsoft Team Blogs Directory on the 28th September please find a summary of articles published between 1st August 2009 and 28th September 2009.

Microsoft Learning 

Beta Exam Announcements 
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Register for Beta Exam 71-686: PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator  - 15-Sep-2009
Register for Beta Exam 71-685: PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician  - 15-Sep-2009
Register for Beta Exam 71-662: TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring  - 24-Aug-2009
Exchange 2010 beta exams coming soon—submit your SME profile now!  - 18-Aug-2009

Office Online 

Inside Office Online 
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Office OFFline comic pick of the week for 9/25/09  - 25-Sep-2009
Template du jour: Job application tracker for OneNote 2007  - 25-Sep-2009
Template du jour: Employee absence schedule for Excel 2007  - 24-Sep-2009
Template du jour: Flower-themed business label set for Word 2007  - 23-Sep-2009
Returning veterans: jobs, education, and community with social networking  - 23-Sep-2009
Writer's Guide to Office: Control line spacing in Word 2007  - 22-Sep-2009
Template du jour: 2010 monthly Julian calendar for Excel 2007  - 22-Sep-2009
Back to school for real  - 22-Sep-2009
Office Casual: How to improve your PowerPoint with SmartArt  - 21-Sep-2009
Template du jour: Office Enterprise 2007 training notebook   - 21-Sep-2009
Tech Preview of Office Web Apps for SkyDrive users  - 18-Sep-2009
Office OFFline comic pick of the week for 9/18/09  - 18-Sep-2009
Collaborating with difficult people  - 18-Sep-2009

Office Online Templates 
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Template du jour  - 14-Sep-2009
Announcing templates contest WINNERS!  - 08-Sep-2009
Marketing design set templates from our newest partner, LayoutReady  - 25-Aug-2009
Have fun with out of office messages  - 19-Aug-2009
Are you color blind? Design with confidence using these tools  - 19-Aug-2009
New content for PowerPoint now available from Templates Wise  - 18-Aug-2009
Awards for best awards: Enter our contest  - 17-Aug-2009
Back to school for teachers  - 13-Aug-2009
What makes some templates so popular?  - 11-Aug-2009
Fun with 200+ MB Excel workbooks that are reliable  - 10-Aug-2009
I can’t find my template online, and just what are Community Filter settings?  - 07-Aug-2009
Keeping Track…  - 05-Aug-2009
Our newest partner Hewlett-Packard offers 19 business marketing identity kits  - 04-Aug-2009
Just in time for back-to-school -- School Rules Award Certificate Contest  - 03-Aug-2009

SQL and Business Intelligence 

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Data Feeds  - 24-Sep-2009
Importing data into Gemini  - 09-Sep-2009
Gemini Blogs & Videos  - 01-Sep-2009
Overview of Gemini features  - 25-Aug-2009
Getting Access to the Gemini CTP  - 16-Aug-2009
Welcome to the Gemini Team Blog!  - 13-Aug-2009


Dynamic Data Center Alliance 
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Guest Blog by Applied Innovations: Why we decided to offer the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters, to our customers?  - 22-Sep-2009
Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosters  - 15-Sep-2009
The Foundation of Your New Datacenter!  - 08-Sep-2009

Windows Desktop and Embedded 

Windows Media Center 
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Windows Media Center in Windows 7 - All over the world!  - 21-Sep-2009
All about touch in Windows Media Center in Windows 7  - 15-Sep-2009
A top-of-trees look at music and photos in 7MC  - 24-Aug-2009
A peek at the plumbing: Windows Media Center's connected services  - 10-Aug-2009
There's no place like HomeGroup...There's no place like HomeGroup...  - 03-Aug-2009

Windows Portable Devices 
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Windows 7 Application Samples  - 25-Sep-2009
Windows 7 Driver Samples  - 18-Sep-2009
Windows 7 Portable Device Development Kits  - 12-Sep-2009
Multi-Transport Devices in Windows 7  - 05-Sep-2009
MTP Over Various Transports  - 29-Aug-2009
Introducing WPD Automation  - 21-Aug-2009
Introducing Device Services  - 15-Aug-2009
New Features for Windows 7  - 07-Aug-2009

Windows Printing 
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Printing and Document Features for the Platform Update for Windows Vista  - 11-Sep-2009
Print Services Migration Guide  - 17-Aug-2009
New in Documents, Printing, and Scanning Space  - 13-Aug-2009
Print blog begins!  - 01-Aug-2009

Windows Server and Infrastructure 

Windows Public Key Infrastructure PKI 
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Introducing Certificate Template API  - 26-Sep-2009
Using VBScript to install CA on server core  - 18-Sep-2009
Automated CA installs using VB script on Windows Server 2008 and 2008R2  - 18-Sep-2009
Official Microsoft Team Blogs / Microsoft Blogs  - 15-Sep-2009
Certificate Enrollment Web Services Whitepaper  - 15-Sep-2009
How to get request statistics by template in PowerShell  - 10-Sep-2009
Active Directory Certificate Services Features by SKU  - 03-Sep-2009
Vishal’s nuggets  - 28-Aug-2009
Cross-forest certificate enrollment white paper update  - 25-Aug-2009
Creating self-signed certificates with a script  - 23-Aug-2009
Populate Subject Name for Offline Templates on Renew  - 21-Aug-2009
Updated Network Device Enrollment Service (aka SCEP) white paper  - 17-Aug-2009
Extended Validation support for websites using internal certificates  - 14-Aug-2009
CA Performace testing  - 12-Aug-2009
AD CS Installation is Crashing on x64 Platform  - 09-Aug-2009