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Here is a summary of the articles published since the beginning of December. 

Walkthrough for Getting Started - 10-Dec-2008
Service Manager Product Overview - 29-Dec-2008
The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part 1: Introduction - 15-Jan-2009
How We Test Service Manager Part 1 - 21-Jan-2009
Service Manager Data Warehouse and Reporting - 22-Jan-2009
Mapping ITIL/MOF Change Management process to the features of System Center Service Manager - 28-Jan-2009
The System Center Platform in Service Manager Part 2: The Model-Based Database - 28-Jan-2009
Active Directory Connector Part 1 - 28-Jan-2009
Installing Service Manager - 29-Jan-2009
Installing Management Server and Database on Separate Computers - 29-Jan-2009
Active Directory Connector Part 2 - 02-Feb-2009
Service Manager and PowerShell - 06-Feb-2009
Creating product guidance - 07-Feb-2009