Kevin Remde and Dan Stolts continue our series on “Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloudwith an overview on how to plan for a hybrid cloud storage solution using Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. Tune in for this lively discussion on the many storage options available to you as well as discussions around performance, reliability and security.  



    • [1:18] Let’s start with a quick summary of existing storage capabilities using modern infrastructure on-premises as supported by Windows Server 2012 R2
    • [10:16] What is Azure Storage?
    • [11:17]  Can you give us a quick overview of Azure Storage Architecture?
    • [12:30]  In order to connect local systems to Azure Storage accounts, I have to think there is some kind of authentication required to make that happen securely. How is that done?
    • [16:00]  What is Blob Storage?
    • [17:30] What are some common uses of Azure File Storage?
    • [18:18] Is Azure data reliable?
    • [21:10] Since we can access storage from Azure services or from our on-premises services, what kind of performance can we expect?
    • [23:17] I understand we can take snapshots of data in Azure. Can you tell us a bit snapshots
    • [24:37] Other than through the azure portal, how can businesses access Azure data?
    • [28:45] What can you tell us about StorSimple?
    • [32:21] Can I use Azure to host my SQL Server database?
    • [35:19] Are there other storage components that we have not talked about?

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