I was talking to a customer from Dunbar High School and they stated that they wanted to know more about RemoteFX so I thought I would post some information and resources around the technology.  Shanmugam Kulandaivel, a Microsoft Senior Program Manager on the Remote Desktop Virtualization team explains further the capabilities for the RemoteFX for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8…  Read on http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rds/archive/2012/11/26/remotefx-features-for-windows-8-and-windows-server-2012.aspx In Windows Server 2012, all features of RemoteFX (with the exception of the vGPU) can be used with or without a physical GPU present in the server.  When there is not a GPU is present in the server, a synthetic software-emulated GPU is used to render content. When a GPU is present in the server, it can be used to hardware accelerate the graphics via the RemoteFX vGPU technology.  You can also use VGPU within virtual machines as well.