We’re here for LeWeb and the final Mini Seedcamp of the year.

On Monday the teams had time to prepare and receive coaching (hosted at Microsoft). We just wrapped up a full day session with a room full of top notch mentors from all over the globe: folks in town for LeWeb that starts tomorrow, angel investors including Chipper Boulas, @rodridgo and Anil Hansjee; friends from Silicon Valley Bank and VC firms, plus softies Nicholas, Bruno et moi.

Oh, and serial mega successful entrepreneurs like Phil Libin, CEO at Evernote – pictured here with a fairly awe-struck pair of entrepreneurs with new venture Archivme.

The morning kicked off with three minute pitches from all the companies (minus two companies who succumbed to transport disasters): we heard from…

@neexer @modelo3 @LiveSheets @kleenks @dashmin_app @archivme @Human_Record @jottify @fellody @bluefieldscom @infogr_am @slickflick_ @DidTh_is @shallibuy @pinpointGS and @phonoblaster.. then we had a CTO masterclass from Eventbrite CTO Renaud Visage.

After a short break it was time to get down to the serious mentoring: six hours later we emerge from the Orrick offices ready for a stint at @LeCamping housed at the fabulous Bourse building. When we got there the mentors found all the entrepreneurs working rather than drinking and were eager to find refreshment. It was 7:20pm after all. Cue the Cotes du Rhone.

More joined us at @LeCamping (avec vin rouge then a very well-received pizza delivery) such as Mike from TechCrunch fresh from his Moscow trip – with word that revolution may have started in Russia – and more folks off the Eurostar and the Thales from Amsterdam. This is shaping up to be a very good meet-up for LeWeb!

Good luck to the Seedcamp startups at the finals today – especially @modelo3 @DidTh_is @archivme

Signing off for now, and we’ll report from LeWeb soon!