Our Featured BizSpark Startup on Azure is PartingGift – a social media game developer that uses Azure to help major brands predict trends.

Can a game help you predict trends?

Imagine a TV game show – that’s where the concept of PartingGift started. With big excitement, big fun and real prizes. But when PartingGift layered that concept over social media, that’s when it became really exciting. Parting Gift’s social media games allow major brands to leverage social media in a way that’s not only authentic but, even more importantly, measurable. So the games can give brands deep insight into what consumer’s really think.

PartingGift runs their platform in the cloud with Microsoft Windows Azure, allowing them to push out an ever increasing number of games per day (1.2 million and growing). Azure is an easy sell to their customers, like Dunkin Donuts, because it’s fast, scalable and highly secure. And, as they’ve found, having the Microsoft name doesn’t hurt either.