By Alpa Agarwal

Arbetsförmedlingen, Sweden’s government-run employment agency, has developed a new ‘match-making’ service to connect job applicants with potential employers. Microsoft and its BizSpark partners have worked closely with Arbetsförmedlingen on the project, and Microsoft’s close relationship with the European Grants Advisor (EUGA) program was instrumental in helping Arbetsförmedlingen obtain EUGA funding for the project.

Arbetsförmedlingen aims to help people achieve long-term employment in the ICT sector. The agency saw a need to more closely align jobseekers’ skills with the specific and ever changing requirements of employers, and developed a program to help jobseekers understand and then, through hands-on training, acquire the specific ICT skills required by employers. Its new service has some interesting features. It provides candidates with ‘micro-feedback’ from multiple employers, helping rejected candidates see patterns, and it gives companies direct influence in the development of job skills that most closely match their future needs. Read how Sweden’s ICT skills are growing.