By Alpa Agarwal

SXSW is an exciting opportunity for you to meet the members of the Microsoft BizSpark team and to connect with the founders of several innovative BizSpark startups. We’ve got lots of fun BizSpark activities at SXSW lined up for you.

Come & connect with innovative BizSpark startups!

Amulet Devices builds voice enabled devices such as the Amulet voice-enabled remote control, that enables users to fully control their Windows Media Center via voice. Users can record and watch TV, listen to their favorite music, and view DVDs, videos and photos, all using simple voice commands.

Cheezburger Network, is the Seattle-based company behind one of the largest blog networks and some of the funniest and most popular blogs on the Web, including the LOLcats repository, I Can Has Cheezburger? and FAIL Blog. CEO and founder Ben Huh launched the company in 2007, aiming “to make the world happy for 5-minutes a day.” is a cutting-edge digital content delivery system and community platform for comic publishers, creators and enthusiasts, and provides an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated merchandise.

Loopt, a Silicon Valley based start-up, founded in 2005 by Sam Altman, Nick Sivo and Alok Deshpande, is the creator of a new location-based, social-mapping service. Loopt helps friends connect on the fly by showing users where their friends are located and what they are doing via detailed, interactive maps on their mobile phones.

Metaio develops augmented reality software for enterprises, helping them visualize their product ideas from concept to manufacture, ensuring the viability of their production processes. Their “Unifeye” software platform not only lets users place 3D animations directly into live video streams, but also supports the seamless integration of images from the external user environment.

Notice Technologies helps local businesses advertise more effectively in the world of the Web, Twitter, Facebook, and emerging technologies that have captured consumer interest.

NutshellMail aggregates all your latest updates & email messages from a variety of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more into one snapshot email, sent to your primary email address on your schedule.

OneRiot, based in Boulder, Colorado, was founded in 2006 by Kimbal Musk and Robert Reich. OneRiot is a leading realtime search engine and the first marketplace for advertising on the realtime web. It crawls the social web and ranks results according to their PulseRank or level of social buzz. A growing number of third-party search engines, websites, and mobile applications show their users realtime search results, and realtime ads, powered by the OneRiot API.

Piryx was founded in 2005 by Tom Serres. Piryx is a social fundraising and real-time giving platform. It has been called “democracy’s PayPal,” and it provides payment processing, analytical marketing tools, and API's for non-profits, political organizations, and social advocacy groups to connect with donors and social advocates.

RedCritter, founded by Mike Beaty, is a cloud computing platform enabling Silverlight developers to build context aware applications that run inside Microsoft Outlook. RedCritter Apps can pull information from around the Web and across a company’s Intranet, supporting rich media, interactivity and animation.

Wildfire Interactive allows organizations to create attractive, branded interactive promotions such as sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, and incentive-based surveys, and to simultaneously publish them in multiple social networks and on their website.

WildPockets, founded by Shanna Tellerman in 2006, is democratizing game development, making game development free, open and accessible to everyone. Its development platform provides an easy way for anyone to create, publish and monetize 3D games.

Yammer, founded by David Sacks and Adam Pisoni in 2007, provides a real-time communications platform for companies, groups and organizations. In addition to micro-blogging, Yammer enables enterprises to create communities for B2B collaboration.