By Alon Novy, Founder & CTO, Liaise

What a week it has been! This Monday, as we arrived at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus to compete with 6 other Microsoft BizSpark partner startups at SharePoint 2010 SocialFest, I confess that our motto may not have been included the words “Peace” and “Love.” Yet as we and our competitors filed into the room we were greeted not only by insulated cups with a “Peace, Love and SocialFest” logo, but by a broader sense that our hosts intended for this week to produce more than just one winner.

With SharePoint 2010 RTM nearing, Microsoft made a diverse array of resources available to help us gain a more rounded and better contextualized view of SharePoint. In a series of talks, SharePoint insiders talked not only about 2010’s feature set and development tools, but also covered how SharePoint is positioned, the use cases and business cases that SharePoint 2010 is geared to fulfill; Even information about how start-ups can hope to work meaningfully with Microsoft.

A particular highlight was having a member of the SharePoint product team in the room for 3 days straight to offer support and insight on demand. It sure beats searching for answers online, particularly given product is still in beta. Finally, Microsoft provided each of the companies with an additional developer.

Oh – and we cut a lot code. And I mean: a LOT of code to produce a functioning system by Friday.

I believe that in the new enterprise era, to deliver real ROI to customer organizations, software solutions will need to augment rather than disrupt established work practices. The truth is that business is just moving too fast now to accept anything else. I have watched SharePoint since 2003 as it evolved from a content management application to a platform on which a wide range of applications and workflows can be built.

Liaise is a product that works seamlessly with email to intelligently identify, capture and manage any important key points in the emails. As such, we have long considered and planned how Liaise can work with SharePoint, and how the two products can be leveraged for mutual benefit. Sharepoint 2010 SocialFest has provided an effective forum for exploring SharePoint and to accelerate us towards this goal.