This post has been written by Loic le Meur (@Loic), Loic is the founder and CEO of Seesmic, a software company that makes one of the most popular Twitter and Facebook social software clients. Loic also founded and hosts the #1 tech event in Europe,, with his wife Geraldine. LeWeb gathers together 2000 entrepreneurs from 40 countries in December every year.

Prior to Seesmic and LeWeb, Loic started several other businesses such as Six Apart Europe, RapidSite, a web hosting service (acquired by France Telecom in 1999) as well as B2L, an interactive agency in 1999 (acquired by BBDO).

Recently, Business Week Magazine named Loic one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Web. Loic was also named “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum. He advises the World Economic Forum as well as covers the Annual Summit every year in Davos. Originally from the South of France, Loic lives in San Francisco, California and has three boys.

At Seesmic, we work very hard to reach our vision to help users manage their presence online, and we try our best to make Seesmic available on every screen and touch every social network.

Now, we felt it was time to challenge ourselves and make something truly special.

We took an unusual route and shifted paradigms to develop something no one has done before. We were challenged to reach out to an untapped market - a mainstream audience not familiar with Twitter – people in your personal circle like friends or family members (think “Mom” or “Dad”), that heard of Twitter but were never interested, or never had the opportunity to have a positive and friendly experience.

To accomplish this, it was important for us to:

• Offer a fantastic browsing experience, with a visually pleasing and easy to use interface. More importantly, you don’t even have to log in to Twitter to experience it!

• Organize it in a way for users to quickly recognize and connect to their specific interests – be it people or brands – like popular TV shows or companies, celebrities in sports or entertainment, or even leading authorities in news or politics.

• Make available a specific place (a sandlot or plot) where brand channels can connect with their interested audience and offer something more special than what you would normally find when just connected through Twitter.

As such, we are extremely excited to announce a new product that will open the eyes to new users and change the experience of viewing Twitter in real time. This innovative application provides a visually rich and engaging way for users to keep track of the people, topics, news and brands from one of the most popular social networks in Twitter.

Introducing Seesmic Look

Seesmic Look is a unique way to learn, observe or be immersed in the real-time web. Look is a Windows desktop application that brings together Twitter data with a beautiful design, approachability and ease of use to deliver a rich, cinematic experience.

Interests > Entertainment: Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) Twitter Account

In partnership with Microsoft, optimized for Windows 7 (developed in WPF with Visual Studio 2010, courtesy of Microsoft BizSpark) and powered by Twitter, this unique interface allows you to easily navigate through the pulse of the Twitterverse or be inspired by individuals of your specific interest. Beginners learning to understand real-time can stay engaged and connected without the need to log into Twitter, while experienced users can take advantage of Look's powerful features in creative and imaginative ways.

Timeline or Playback Mode

With Seesmic Look's unique and alluring interface, you may find yourself enthralled with viewing your streams of interests. View Twitter in a standard timeline view or observe the stream of messages in Look's distinguished playback mode, which fades in messages in a visually engaging way. You can even match your personal preference by choosing a light or dark background.

In Interests > Celebrities: Kim Kardshian (@KimKardashian) Account in Playback Mode with Light theme

Discovering Trends

Discover what millions of users are saying in the Twitterverse. By viewing Trends, you can find out the Trending Topics in Twitter of what's popular now, in the past day or in the past week. In Look, you can learn why a word or phrase is trending and view all the trends or specific topics in timeline or playback mode.

Trends > “MLK” in Playback Mode

Finding Interests

The “Interests” Directory provides a simple and easy way to start navigating Twitter through an organized list of several popular Twitter accounts in categories like News, Sports, Politics and Celebrities. Find accounts and view tweets that match a quality and style you might have in common. You can choose any one of those categories to view all the tweets of that particular category or explore your interests in a specific twitter account.

Interests > News: (@time) in Playback Mode


Channels provides a simple, authoritative, aggregated view of a brand’s activity across Twitter making it easy for any user to discover and navigate the breadth of activity the brand has going on Twitter. Receive real-time updates on exclusive events or special breaking news, or follow up on product tips, advice, ideas or inspiration.

Channels > Red Bull Channel > Action: Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) Channels > Red Bull Channel > Athletes: Reggie Bush (@reggie_bush)

Search Real-Time

Track any word or phrase being said on Twitter in real time and display it in Look's unique playback interface. Search a person, brand, or any other interest you may have, and save that search so you can always refer back to it.

Searches > Search Term: “Super Bowl Ads” in Playback Mode Login to Your Inbox

The inbox and social timeline features becomes readily available when you log into Seesmic Look. View and manage your Mentions, Direct Messages and Sent Message in the Inbox section.

After logging in > inbox > Twitter public replies – in Timeline mode

With Seesmic Look’s simple yet powerful interface, you can view profiles, post replies and direct messages, retweet, and favorite messages. When posting messages, shorten links and post photos with ease. In the Social section, view your friends’ timeline of the accounts you are following, including creating, editing and managing Twitter Lists (groups of Twitter accounts that you can create for your account).

Seesmic Look’s Profile View of Twitter Account

After logging in > social > accessing Twitter Lists

Seesmic Look provides the best user experience to help you get connected and stay connected in the real-time web. We’re very excited to what we have to offer and look forward to making Seesmic Look the most positive and friendly experience.