By Cliff Reeves

An update on earlier posts comparing jobs for the two leading enterprise collaboration platforms: IBM's Notes, Domino and Workplace products vs Microsoft's Sharepoint and Exchange.

Comments and caveats:

  • It's only one country, so doesn't necessarily reflect the situation outside the UK.
  • Here's an alternative viewof the job market
  • The ITJobsWatch site appears to provide high quality, normalised and de-duped data, so it shouldn't be compared with keyword job search sites in which:
    • a query for, Notes, may return jobs ".. taking notes ..." or Exchangemay return jobs in a " ... stock exchange ..."
    • a single position will appear many times from different sources.

Additional 12-month trend lines for each company's leading entries are below:

Domino Permanent Positions

Notes Contract Positions

Domino Contract Positions

MS Exchange Permanent Positions

MS Exchange Contract Positions

Sharepoint Permanent Positions

Sharepoint Contract Positions