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January, 2006

  • Why do the Brits have all the best TV shows?!

    Apparently, there's a new show on Channel 4 in the UK called "The IT Crowd". It's quite apropos for us Microsoft geeks. You can see the first episode at . It is pretty funny, but nowhere...
  • 20/20 Update

    I did my fitness assessment at the Pro Club yesterday. Read all about it at .
  • Project Update

    If you've been reading this blog, you probably think my project has already shipped. Unfortunately, this is not the case. My project almost got to the M6 milestone (Release To Manufacturing) and was cancelled. The problem was that we had leveraged some...
  • 20/20 Program

    One of the benefits that Microsoft makes available to employees is a partially paid weight loss program. I am eligible for the program, and have decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Since I know how interested everyone will be to hear how it...