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Support for YouTube videos in PowerPoint returns

Support for YouTube videos in PowerPoint returns

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Updates for both PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013, were released on Tuesday (4/8) that reintroduces support for YouTube videos into PowerPoint. The feature goes live on April 15. You need to install the updates listed for your PowerPoint version to be ready.




PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 for Windows originally included support for embedding YouTube videos that were in an old format that YouTube no longer supports.  As this old format started disappearing from the YouTube service, the support for YouTube videos in PowerPoint started faltering. These changes led us to disable support for inserting online videos from the product because we could not reliably support playing back YouTube videos.


What the update brings

Since the time playback of online videos was disabled in PowerPoint, the PowerPoint team has been hard at work to re-enable support for YouTube in a way that is resilient to changes and more robust. For PowerPoint 2013 we now use a browser to host these videos, which provides us the resiliency. This not only means that we can support HTML5 videos but also that we will be able to playback YouTube videos as long as they can playback in any browser. Both PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 for Windows are updated to include support for YouTube videos in the newer HTML5 and Shockwave Flash ActionScript 3.0 formats.

 Note: The insert online video option is limited to YouTube support for both PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Online Help Topics (available by 4/15)



  • the links and lead to a 404 page not found

  • Please try the links again. These all seem to be working now.

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  • thanks

  • I am using the developer tool and adding movie url and removing watch? etc. but the video still will not play in powerpoint 2013 - other saved videos work (the sample MS video) but not when I create the link using shockwave etc

  • I have also tried using the Developer method and I still can't videos to play in PowerPoint. I did find a video player in the app store that has worked for the time being. Oddly enough I can insert YouTube videos into Word and they play there. Any idea why?

  • Hi BFox - yes the insert youtube videos works great in Word. I read there were YouTube vs MS issues but Word seems fine. I have tried to play that video app but when I download it I cannot find it in "MyApps" at all. Unbelievable that I can not embed youtube videos and have to resort to a URL and link out to a different window and back again - very unprofessional. I also found a MS page that said this issue was fixed (april 2014) and to download the updates but again that did nothing. Not sure what to do next?

  • Same issues with powerpoint. I have both 2010 and 2013 and neither will play shockwave objects. Word will but that doesn't really help. I tried inserting the word doc as an object in the powerpoint and it wouldn't play the video. I have the latest updates on both 2010 and 2013 (which are on different computers, one with Win7 and Win8.1). So it doesn't seem to matter which version or which OS it is on. I'll resort to using a hyperlink. I agree with Janet...very unprofessional and also very irritating.

  • I get the error "powerpoint can't insert a video from this embed code" in Powerpoint 2013. I attempted to install the fixes. When I do:

    KB2837627 installer says "There are no products affected by this package installed on this system."

    KB2817636 installer says "The update is already installed on this system."

    I continue to get the "powerpoint can't insert a video from this embed code" when using an embed code from Youtube.

    I have 32 bit PowerPoint according to "About Powerpoint" and I used the 32 bit version of the fixes.

  • Same as Tim. Albeit I have the 64-bit version of 2013. Same messages, and it still doesn't work

  • Frustrating!
    Installed new "fixes"
    Same problem. Won't play.

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