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Better Together is a Microsoft online compain that show the success stories of how Microsoft products work better together to give a big value. In this Blog all Microsoft Products Better Together Stories will be listed with Microsoft best practices for ea

March, 2011

  • Exchange Team Blog Moved to TechNet

      It was announced that this week Exchange Team Blog was moved to TechNet, the new URL is: . All posts and comments have been migrated from the old blog DNS redirects will begin to redirect http://msexchangeteam...
  • Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting –Part 3 “Hosting Setup”

    I gave an overview about Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting in this post Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting – Part 1 “Overview” and then I went through Hosting Description in this post Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting – Part -2 “Hosting Description”...
  • IE 9 is available for Download

    IE 9 is now available to download from here:   This short video gives you a small sense of what we have been able to achieve as a company with the IE9 release.  To learn more...