This was an interesting and good read.  A reporter, who uses a Mac to do his work, switched to using Vista (albeit temporarily).  I think the reporter did a good job of writing an unbiased article comparing the two.  In the end, he went back to his Mac because that's what made him feel comfortable, but I think the article points out that there are quite a few things about Vista that make it much better than previous versions of Windows.  I know folks who own Mac's, and they all love them.  I've been running Vista at work for several months now, and I love it too.  Even though there is bound to be some pain associated with new settings, and changes in how things work, it doesn't take long to get used to the changes, and once that happens, you won't want to go back.  I really haven't found much that I don't like about Vista (except UAC, which I think could have been done much better), and even that can be turned off.

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