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  • Blog Post: BDD 2007 - Intel Mass Storage Drivers (iastor)

    Everytime Intel releases a new mass storage chipset I receive the same call/email from from most of my customers and it goes something like this: "Hi Ben, I have just got a new machine and I can't deploy an image to it, do you know what is going on?" The problem they are having is that their...
  • Blog Post: Top Ten - Most Common BDD 2007 issues

    I see the same issues coming up over and over again with BDD 2007. So, I decided it was time for my own Top Ten List! Number 1. - Partitioning within the Unattend.xml BDD likes (no needs) to look after partitioning itself! Do not do this via Unattend.xml. The most common symptom of this is the...