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Architect - Microsoft Enterprise Services - Redmond

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  • Blog Post: BDD 2007 - TechNet Magazine article worth reading

    One of my fellow Microsoft Services consultants from the UK Adam Shepherd, has just had an article published in TechNet Magazine. The article provides advice on how to scale BDD. This includes how to to support multiple databases, use DFS-R and how to leverage WDS. The advice is based on learning...
  • Blog Post: Top Ten - Most Common BDD 2007 issues

    I see the same issues coming up over and over again with BDD 2007. So, I decided it was time for my own Top Ten List! Number 1. - Partitioning within the Unattend.xml BDD likes (no needs) to look after partitioning itself! Do not do this via Unattend.xml. The most common symptom of this is the...