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    Richard Smith one of my fellow Microsoft consultants from the UK has started a blog (finally!). Richard is very knowledgeable on everything about BDD and operating system deployment so I am sure you will find his blog very useful. Richard has started his blog with two great video walk through's covering...
  • Blog Post: BDD 2007 - Tips and Tricks - Multiple Keyboard Locales

    I have had recently had a couple of enquires from people having issues with setting multiple keyboard locales. When setting the “KeyboardLocale” value using a Lite Touch new computer deployment any settings specified in the CustomSettings.ini are being ignored. To solve this problem, update the...
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    How often when creating a your perfect image do you find that you run through image build process only to find that one of your applications fails to install? I find this to be a very commmon occurence. After a cursing about how I have just wasted another hour I ring the wife and tell her I am going...