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  • Blog Post: BDD 2007 - How to create a Custom task sequence with reboots

    I am often asked how to setup a custom task sequence that will continue after a reboot. If you have created a custom task sequence to install a number of applications that includes a reboot then you will know the problem I am taking about. When you do this you will find that the computer will reboot...
  • Blog Post: BDD is now Microsoft Deployment

    The big secret is now out! BDD has officially had a name change, the next version will be called Microsoft Deployment. I was hoping the new name would be "the solution accelerator formerly known as BDD" but I don't think that even made it to first cut because the acronym would have been too long ...
  • Blog Post: Deployment 4 - UPDATE - How to create a custom task sequence

    I have previously mentioned how to create a custom task sequence to save time when testing application installation in BDD 2007. You will find the article here . There are two problems you could run into when using this process with Deployment 4. If you create a custom task sequence based...