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BDD 2007 - New BDD blog

BDD 2007 - New BDD blog

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Richard Smith one of my fellow Microsoft consultants from the UK has started a blog (finally!). Richard is very knowledgeable on everything about BDD and operating system deployment so I am sure you will find his blog very useful. 

Richard has started his blog with two great video walk through's covering Lite Touch and Zero Touch deployment. This are very informative and should prove particularly useful to those new to BDD.

It looks like I will have too put together my own video walk through's now just too keep up!

I recommend that you subscribe to his blog as there is bound to be lots more great stuff coming... No pressure Richard;)

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  • Did you forget to post the link?? :)

  • I did, all fixed now!

  • Hi Ben. I've been using BDD for a couple of weeks now mainly for lite touch. Can't find any info on the difference between update and update files when updating either deployment points ot media dist points? Any thoughts?? Thanks

  • The Update function is required only when changes have been made to the bootstrap.ini file or when new drivers have been imported into the Deployment Workbench.

    This process creates two files in the \Deploy\Boot directory called LiteTouchPE_x86.iso and LiteTouchPE_x86.wim.

    The reason the the update(files only) takes so long is because of the image creation process.

  • Ok thanks Ben. One other weird thing I am still looking into is when I create a media deployment point based on an (enabled) build, the settings in the custom settings.ini file that appeat in the Rules tab for the LAB deployment point don't seem to be imported to the Media build (again in the rules tab). Have you come across this? Also, great video walkthrough from Richard Smith too...

  • Rules are created on a per deployment point basis. You will need to create a new setof rules for the Media deployment point.

    Yes Richard has done a fantastic job with his walkthroughs!

  • Ok. Thanks again. Do you know of a quick way to hide the initial cmd windows on start up (running wpeinit)? From memory, I think it is possible under WinPE 1.1, can't remember the setting though? Just a cosmetic one... Thanks

  • No Idea ;)

  • A previous post discussed setting Multiple Keyboard locales my modifying ZTIGather.xml. That proved very useful. I now have the build defaulting to the required Locale and Keyboard. However, I cannot get the "Set time zone" selection to Default to the required setting. I have SystemLocale=en-AU in customsettings.ini, but it appears to not process this. Any ides with the Time Zone in customsettings.ini?? Many Thanks.

  • Assuming you are using Vista then try using the following in the customsettings.ini:

    TimeZoneName=AUS Eastern Standard Time

  • Hi Ben. Thanks for the last post, worked a treat. Installed patch 1 for BDD today. I'm running into a problem during the lite touch where install fails when I have multiple patches in OS Packages. Fails on Unattend.xml?? Then lite touch throws a message saying that the build fails and halts at that point.

  • There is a known issue with the patch - KB933566 Security Update. Try removing that patch and see what happens.


  • Per TechEd broadcasts I seen should add the Ubberbug.reg file in task sequencer > First PreInstall task. So I did and don't see the registry entry in Windows XP image. My guess why not is it is written to PE. Is this correct?


    Glenn Aurelius

  • Hi Glenn,

    You are right this is written to the Windows PE registry.



  • I have tried elsewhere and have gotten nowhere. I hope you can help.

    I have been trying for two weeks now to first capture an image and then simply get something to complete successfully. I have not gotten the slightest part of BDD to work.

    Three times I have built brand new infrastructures in order to start integrating on a new clean, environment. Each time I have encountered a new, completely different set of errors that I have not been able to solve.

    Enough rambling and whining.....

    The latest problem is that when I boot my light touch cd, I get all the right prompts, and it applies my wim image to the workstation and reboots. Am I supposed to keep it from booting to the new os I just installed, or back to the light touch winpe cd? Booting to the os does not seem to do anything but sit there. When I boot to the winpe cd, it continues the install and then fails almost immediately at the post-apply part and gives me the error that it was "unable to find CustomSettings.ini, rc=1."  I have never seen this error before and when I open the Z: drive I can find that file in the control directory.

    Previously to this it would never, ever, ever, copy my $OEM$ dir to the workstation and I ptu a copy in almost every directory I could think of. Also, my sysprep folder only had the sysprep.inf file in it without the sysprep.exe.

    I have a ton more problems but I will try to fix these two first and then see where I get.

    Any, ANY, help would be appreciated.